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    Another two German community vids have been added to the video thread, but still nothing but pictures for those of us cursed with the inability to speak it.

    There must be lots of people like me chomping at the bit for more information by now – is there nobody with beta access who can post an English video at all?


    There are enough beta testers who can post an english video, but we aren’t allowed to post or say anything about the Beta -> we all have signed a NDA and those german videos were approved by the devs to publish.


    I really want this game to be a success, but there’s so little marketing it’s unreal. NDA closed beta, no previews, virtually no social media. It’s like a game launch from 1995. The game might as well not exist for most potential purchasers – there’s hardly any hype around it at all.

    Why spend years making a game and spend so little effort actually getting people excited enough to actually buy it?


    There are now two english videos out now by the same person. He doesn’t build any trains only horse drawn trucks and in my personal opinion even though I can’t understand the german videos the show off more of the game.


    I also think, the devs should also think of the non-german-speaking players, since, I guess, they’ll be the majority of the players of the game and most, if not all of the gamers are english-speaking.
    They should allow some english-speaking YouTubers to make some Beta Videos.


    I’m huge into transport games and I’ve never even heard of this game until very recently.  The lack of marketing, specially any sort of english language marketing or community interaction is shocking.  There should already be dozens of english language videos and beta impressions by now. The NDA obsession is doing nothing but hurt the game.


    The NDA has been lifted, I know that some other people, including me, plan to make videos of TF, so keep a lookout for those. 😉


    I’ll be making a LP for the game soon! ^_^

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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