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    Hi, I am wondering if there is anyone making or thinking of making some Danish trains?

    • IC3 / IR4 (Electric version of IC3)
    • ICE-TD (Running between Copenhagen and Berlin/Hamburg.)
    • Øresundstog

    And many more…

    This site has some good materiel about Danish trains.


    The IC3/IR4 looks a lot like a Belgian train if I’m not mistaken. Could be a case where you make one model and two skins.


    The Belgian one is inspired by the IC3, there’s a few subtle angular nuances in exterior, but they do look rather similar. Wouldn’t be as hard (I think) if one uses one as a starting point for the other, rather than having to go from scratch.

    Also, Ola, I replied to your e-mail, not sure if you got the reply, haven’t heard back yet… :s

    You seem to be remarkably busy with helping other modellers and modders finish up their projects too though!


    Also, the Belgian AM96 are the electrical look-alike of the Danish  IC3, which are diesels, if I’m right.


    Yes IC3 is a diesel train (DMU) with 3 coaches. And the IR4 is Electrical and has 4 coaches, and is made as a updated version of the IC3.

    I agree the nose of the Belgian looks alike, and i look forward to try it! But they don’t have the same shape/design, and arrangement of doors/windows. So i’m afraid it wouldn’t look right to reuse the Belgian AM96.



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