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    On my machine[0], the application unfortunatly freezes randomly. After varying timespans (from ~5 min. to ~30 min.), it “reproducibly” happens that the application apparently “hangs”, i.e. there is no more visible change in the application’s “window” (I’m running it full-screen, of course). Also, in the windows “Task Mangager”, the process is marked as “does not respond”. Also, while the application’s custom mouse cursor is frozen, the Windows default mouse cursor indicating “work-in-progress” is shown (which I can move around freely and responsively (with no noticable latency)). In previous Windows versions, this was a sand-clock animation, now it’s this blueish roundish thing for which I don’t know a proper word in english.

    In some cases, the application recovered from this frozen state after some ~20 seconds and returned to regular operation after that (only to freeze again after another random ~5..30 min.). In other cases, the application stayed frozen for periods of more than ~5 min. (after which I did not wait for the application to recover and sent a TERM signal to it’s process).

    Also – measured by the graphics quality, I might nag that scrolling and zooming are kind of “laggy” (but that’s a minor flaw for me – the minute-long freezes are much more annyoing).

    I might add that I did never experience an actual “crash” of the application. Nevertheless those freezes make the game practically unenjoyable (which I find pretty sad since I like the game so far)

    Any chance other users have experienced similar problems? Any chance this will improve with later versions?


    OS: NT 6.3.9600 – x64 (“Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit”)
    main memory: 12 GiB
    DirectX Version: DirectX 11
    connected Displays: 4x 1600×1200
    graphics adapter: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti
    graphics driver version: (up-to-date according to NVIDIA)


    Do you have this in a crowded map with a lot of lines and vehicles or also in a new game?



    My game freezes for a second and then resumes with a little skip of time.

    Very annoying to play a big map like this! 🙁

    Guess it’s hanging on till 1950 and then making a new small map.  *sigh*


    Hi mikael,

    this behaviour occurred in new games (I tried both large and medium-sized maps). I actually never player a given game for more than ~1h (in summary). The first time this occurred, I was in the middle of completing the tutorial explaining how to establish a bus line. After that, the same game froze whilst playing through the second tutorial.

    BTW: I also noticed a significant drop in allocated memory for the game’s process when the last freeze happened (down to some ~20MiB – before that it was more in the region of ~200..300 MiB). There were 10+ GiB of free mem at all times and all of my 4/8 cpu cores were pretty much idling (the game’s process itself did also not consume any cpu time according to Task Mgr while the game was frozen – I can see this w/o minimizing the application, since I have Task Mgr opened on another monitor most of the time..)



    forgot to add that I’m willing (and I hope capable) to perform additional analysis on my machine and provide the results for err analysis if that helps. Maybe a memory dump of a process in hanging state would help?



    I might have found a hint as to from what the freezes on my machine were caused. Apparently, freezes took place when the soundtrack track was changed. This may or may not be correlated to the fact that I was running another application in parallel producing sound output (namely Winamp). After disabling sound output by pausing the sound track player and setting volume to 0, I did no longer experience the minute-long freezes (there still occur brief stutters as described in other forum posts, though).

    So maybe audio output is sth you should have a look into. My audio setup is rather uncommon, admittedly: I am using a Asus Xonar DX sound card along with a DolbyDigital-Live encoder.



    Hello there,

    I stuck with a problem, I thouth I had solved a a few days ago.

    Same problem. Game crashes at around the same time, in the game. Maening, if I load my current game, it is irrelevant if I run the game at normal speed or at max speed. Last time, I sold all my vehicle and then I let the game run for 2 ingame years. It passed the time when the game crashed the last time. I don’t realy know what is causeing this problem, but i do not realy want to start a new game.

    If there is a way to give you more details about the crash so you can work on it, i would cladly help. Maybe a crashrepot is created.

    Setting on which the problem acured:

    Large flat map.

    Line number: about 50

    Vehicle number: about 150-180

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