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    Dear developers,

    I love the game you’ve built, and coming from someone who has played TTD, OpenTTD, simutrans (however buggy that can be at times) for absurd amounts of time, this means you’ve done a great job at creating a similar but more modern atmosphere.

    Sure, the game still contains all sorts of minor problems. I can live with these, except for one that is causing me to not fire up the game any more after a few evening-long sessions of getting used to the game mechanics:

    The lack of auto-replacement of vehicles makes the game unplayable past year 15 of any halfway serious attempt at line-building. Combined with the high rate of time passing (yes, for me this could also be slower, but that’s less important) you run into this extremely quickly.

    To me, at 15 years in I’m barely getting started, which makes it a bit disappointing beyond the great initial experience of 3D freedom and careful planning required to build train lines (gentle slopes), not to mention the great visualization!

    Please consider implementing auto-replacement, I don’t even care if it’s realistic – actually I would prefer it not to be with the high rate of time passing. A global checkbox that when enabled essentially resets vehicles’ lifespans while subtracting the cost once more, at the point where it now triggers the popup that the vehicle is old: I can live with it. Whatever takes the least time to implement. To me, and I expect many others, this is a show-stopper because it makes the game Not Fun to the point of it being unplayable.

    Hope you will consider to do something about this, and btw. great job on your first major (and it looks like successful) release!


    A lot of other posts say the same, but thumbs up for this one. This message should be sent wearily.


    Replacing vehicles due to old age is a major chore in this game.. its not fun and games should be fun.

    So a + 1 from me.  Something, anything… other than a suggestion to sell all vehicles on a line, which results in selling vehicles too early, losing cargo / passengers and having to re-space the new vehicles out one by one.



    +1 for me too!

    How about a small button within the vehicle window that will autoupdate the vehicle (with or without going to the depot) – and if someone loves the micromanagement, he just not uses this button.

    … and everyone is pleased.

    or a settings option to automatically update the vehicles

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    Going to quote myself from another thread.

    “This needs to happen very soon. It’s a real chore replacing vehicles, and stops the game from being enjoyable once the chains of messages start appearing from 1865 onwards.
    I find it tough to keep going once the replacements start, as it really is becoming monotonous.”


    +10 to the 6th for me


    the right click button is sadly lacking in utility and could easily be made to allow replacement options + I would like like zoom to the vehicle/town/depot/line/goods


    +1 from me too! Replacing dozens of vehicles every couple of months is cumbersome. Any amelioration is welcome!


    +1 from me too.

    I this case I say: The more automatic the better. I hate micromanagement!

    I don’t know what’s possible but at least the function “drop all passengers by the next stop, return to the depot and send another vehicle on track” is the least comfort I’d like to see.

    Better if I can automate more, like a button (next to the $ sign in the line list), saying: replace all vehicles on this line (without loosing passengers) and replace them by …  (open the “buy vehicles” dialog and let the user choose which one and how many) would be great.

    Even better: replace all (select age and/or vehicle time) by (select another vehicle) would be best. (like in RRT3)


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    Another one from me

    Here it goes:::




    I have to limit how many routes I setup in game, just because this is a chore and not fun.   Not sure how this would have missed live release.




    +1 for me to!

    The chore of replacing vehicles is a big problem for me.  I play the game for pleasure, if there’s no pleasure I won’t want to play!


    +1 here too, certainly ! The only way to stop the endless sequence of annoying out of date popups currently is to put the game on pause. Tried that for a couple hours but it’s no fun, really.


    Yes, please dear devs!!!


    Bitte bitte nachbessern wegen Bahnupgrades!!! Danke!



    I came on the forum due to a replacement issue, and .. well I am not bugged alone.

    Would you please add a feature in the depot Auto replacement:

    It is a list, so you could add a line. The line is a statement as fallows

    “Replace [select vehicle] by [select vehicle] at age [input number]”

    – replacement happen when the vehicle turns the age and is not loaded.

    The dialog of the Line has a button, it switches auto-replacement on/off.

    Thank you so much

    I have also two minor items :


    Button “Send to Depot” should work likke this:

    Press it once you get message:

    I am going unload then go to depo.

    Also label on the button change to : “Go to the depo now!”

    So you can press once more so get a message:

    Going to depo.

    Thanks mates


    Also I would like to ask you for an auto selector of available platform. Fixed platform for a line is outrage.

    See you,


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    Mykel Razi

    There is a wonderful UI mod on the russian fan page that helps greatly with vehicle replacement.

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