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    Hello guize,

    I am noticing that as soon as the game evolves into the later stages (1950 and further) a lot of cars appear that drive from city to city. At a certain point I noticed that after upgrading my dirt roads to the superdeluxe version to get trucks to actually reach their top speed, the cars from towns inhabitants also started to use these roads and would reach up to speeds of 100kph. This became so much of a problem I had to delete parts of my road network to make my trains profitable again, also it created MASSIVE traffic jams in towns. The removal of these roads worked like a charm, but do I really have to delete the road networks between cities just to keep my passenger count for my trains up?




    You don’t have to delete your roads, but you need to make your trains more efficient by using faster trains and better bus services to feed the train station.


    I agree that travel time shouldn’t be the only factor in deciding whether people use your services or not but implementing other factors (gas prices, parking costs / availability etc.) would be a pretty complicated process I would imagine

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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