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    (Sorry for my bad English)

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the games, Congratulation on the year anniversary and good work on your new projects. STILL, please, fix the basic broken aspects of this game. I had great expectations, some of witch were granted, some of witch are deceiving.

    I know you got a lot of request. Most of this is probably already noted from you. But please consider this. Customers will really appreciate you didn’t let them down. Its not good to leave your product in a unfinished way. It will impact on your future titles / Reputation as well. Keep that in mind for your business model.

    Broken (imho) :

    No Dynamic path  finding. OTTD, from 1995, had one. The way point work around is not a solution. 4 track station with proper diamond merging and signaling should provide no waiting if not all track are being used.

    – Freaking Windows placement. Imo TRASH the spawn window leaning toward the (Station/Depot) IF NOT WITHIN in view distance (a fullscreen).

    Set remember Line Manager position, and spawn vehicles/stations windows in Left Top corner, 2nd under, 3rd under 2nd, and so on until start a new row. Not chaotic in every corner. It is really, really annoying. Spawn Vehicules Top Left, in a fixed position, one under each other.

    – Grouping station (ie. Busses) Broke all original paths. Group name for visual (ok), KEEP station ID individual so it doesn’t mess the routes. Individual station ID, Shared name on grouping.

    – Bridges Pillar should be more forgiving, longer gap between pillar (especially on steel) OR single track pillar on a grouped tracks bridge. Spread Pillars / More forgiving.

    Passenger/Cargo Lost when changing/moving/updating a station (even if the name is kept under pause). Poof Vanished! Wich affect ripple onto manufacturing and primary since cargo never reached destination, takes long time to recover to keep the productin raising again. Dynamic cargo

    – Frequency Vs time is not right. takes months to travel, days to load people in (load is good tho). Set day length longer.

    – Creating a New Line : 1 to 10, THEN 11, not (1-11-2-3-4-5) —> (8-9-10-11)

    Minor :

    – Cities spreading onto Highways looks odds + traffic

    – Trains showing in Road in line manager, Road should be Road lines ONLY.

    – Line Manager, Add sorting by profit / by frequencies when clicking on the name, like, in Excel?

    – Would be nice to be able to build an elevated rail bridge (ie. above road/rail) FIRST,  then making the ramp leading to/from it. This way you start with the toughest part first (lining up the pillars).

    – Would be really, really, really nice to have a “Follow Terrain Elevation” with (or not) a “threshold angles” for rails and roads. This would GREATLY helps on not spending $$$ being 1 milliliter under/over terrain  or building few inches at the times…

    – Building over those farmland (vs them disappearing), without loosing them would looks better 🙁

    – Hard difficulty is too harsh. $/benefit and running cost isn’t balanced.


    That’s it for as long as i can remember. Its frustrating to fiddle with those all the times. It makes the building process sometimes VERY frustrating. I swear at Pathfinder when 2 train use the same track for no reason for years or when buses makes 3 loop around an intersection to use the same (already in use) stop.

    Thanks you for seriously considering this. You got a nice game, take a little extra more time to make it right before letting it as is. Gamer will remember it, in a good, or a not so good, way !





    Hi T3k!

    Thank you for your extensive list! Would you mind explaining your “Windows placement” point a little bit further, I´m afraid I did not understand it completely?

    Also, did you already have a look at the latest version 6219? The window placement was reworked and significantly improved.

    Best Regards


    This is more a list of your grievances (which is fine). I would say the “basic” broken things would be things like the fact that there is no carriage in the A4’s lifetime that can allow it to achieve it’s top speed (unless you have the DLC and have mixed train themes). Or the fact that the road cargo stations in the game don’t have enough capacity to fully load a 40 ton truck. Unless these things were fixed (I know the A4’s problem is still there, I haven’t gotten to the 40 ton truck age yet).


    I think he means, with the windows opening thing, that sometimes, usually when selecting vehicle replacements, you open your lines manager, it opens in the middle of the screen, and takes up most of .

    Then you click replace, it opens up a new window, above it, taking up more screen, then you click compose vehicle, and then that windows opens in the bottom right, almost entirely off the screen.

    I thin I would prefer the windows to just open above the last one in most cases.

    Keep in mind, that I use the latest build 6219, and play in a fairly low resolution laptop screen (1366×768)

    It doesn’t happen so much on a full HD screen.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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