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    I ultimately bought the game and I must say it is quite good despite its various flaws (most notably the difficulty of laying some roads/rails crossings, absence of AI and multiplayer). However I would make some suggestions to improve the information base to the use:

    1) provide an income statement (in addition to the cash flow currently provided), if possible made for each transport type and/or line.

    2) provide more information for each line about vehicle occupancy rates during a year, average speed, time needed to travel a line (can we already get it from the interval time ?) and line usage (passengers picked up / passengers wanting to travel)

    3) provide some sort of global indicators to gauge the effectiveness and efficiency of the transport system, e.g. usage of lines (passengers/cargo delivered / passengers/cargo available to travel), revenue and cost per passenger, occupancy rates etc.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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