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    Anyone tried importing the models into blender and if so, what format did you export? I think the msh.blob are the models, but no luck importing them.



    I would know this too ^^

    The format of the vehicles is in mdl I see, but i dont know how to export these format.




    It’s a good thing that you cannot import into Blender.

    These people (and soon modders) have worked hard on their trains and other files, I would personally not appreciate it if someone is able to open my files.


    A guy on is making an import/export tool, so it won’t be long before it’s released.



    Are you planning to model a Siemens Taurus III loc? Really hope so, it’s a bad-ass loc!


    I would also be very interested in that, but for a different approach ! I’m amazed about the love of detail in the models and textures (except for missing “pilots” in the open vehicles).

    However, from the first minute I played I wondered why the vehicle and city detail is so high, and really every industry is just plain ugly and underdetailled 🙁 Was is it a time issue ?

    I really hope for a model import / export to recreate those… if the import is makeable, creating a new textured and good looking industry is just a matter of a few hours per model (this I can do, I just can’t import)…

    Also, we could add more industrys. I ‘m really looking forward for modding support, sofar this game is just great and works more or less flawless for me. Industry is a bit lazy in the later game, but I’m not worried about that.


    The MDL files are better described as  ‘info’ files. LUA ‘info’ files. You can edit them just like you can edit any other ‘lua’ file. The function of mdl files is to grab the needed resources (meshes, sounds) and give the whole package a name and description (and pricing and other info) to form a ‘model’. The meshes and sound files are stored separately. In this file you can edit the info / running costs / life time years and so on

    So that’s why you can’t import them into blender because blender does not know what to do with it.

    (by the way, it is ‘not’ good that people can not import models into blender because nobody can ‘learn’ how to make their own mods for the game. With a long wanted lifetime for this game modding is a ‘must’. That ‘i do not like others to open my files’ is just crap. Even if you can open them you are just not allowed to ‘use’ them in your own sets because the game is protected by copyright laws. But viewing to learn should be no problem. So that’s already handled.. don’t worry about that.)

    My tip to the game developers is: release a simple mod tool (or just release the tools you used to compose models (packing them, put them in the right directories, the descriptor files (mdl files)), i would be amazed if you didn’t use a tool. I mean.. hand-editing all these files is just time-consuming and boring and error prone)

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    Guys, I’m thoroughly research game model format and working on simple geometry converter from .blend, .3ds, .obj and so on into .msh and .msh.blob pair. I will release it soon.


    that sounds good, thanks for your effort!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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