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    “contrary to popular belief there exist no suspension rail bridges, a myth that hollywood spreads.”

    For every rule, there is an exception: the Niagara Falls suspension bridge  😉

    But your are right, no suspension bridges for trains!


    I also agree to this bridge pillar span. It is a real pain in the butt trying to create a second rail bridge next to the first because of the pillars. I get that damn pop up error way too much. It’s f*****g annoying and am getting very tired of it. This definitely needs to be fixed along with many other problems that should have been fixed before released.

    Thanks Urban Games for letting me pay to beta test your f*****g game because I don’t believe it was beta tested correctly before it was released to us paying beta testers…

    And YES, I am pissed off now and get more pissed off every time I have to stop playing because of the performance problems when my system is well above the required system stats..


    Very very true. I guess they have to build one before relizing its  a bad idea…..
    8km/h top speed and 400 tons of top mass. For comparison a TGV POS (that is the lighest TGV train) is 415 ton gross mass and its only 200 meters long.that is, quite a bit shorter than the span of the bridge.

    its also quite obvius playing bridge builder that it kindof not a good idea

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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