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    Hello to the developers,


    I have recently come across this project and I am very excited with it. I rememeber playing Transport Tycoon for the first time and being hooked – similarly with Locomotion. No other tycoon games have ever come close to matching those games. Yours looks very promising indeed.

    As I’m sure you’re aware, Chris Sawyer was British and thus locomotion had a large British following and contained British trains and railway practices. Whilst I can appreciate that British trains may not be included right away, I would certainly like to see it as DLC later on.

    At the very least, the option to play the game in a “British” way would be appreciated, so vehicles driving on the left hand side of the road, being able to run trains on the left of dual track systems etc.

    Another nice feature unrelated to the above would be to be able to build curved stations. Particularly in dense urban areas, stations often tend to be curved to maximise the use of space.

    Anyway I look forward to further developments. Keep up the good work!


    Greetings, comrades! +1 to op, and DLC with USSR and Russian Trains will be cool too.


    Further to the above I emailed the developers and Basil Weber, the CEO, emailed me back saying that curved platforms are something they are developing but may not make the initial release. They said there are no plans for British trains at present :-(.

    It won’t stop be buying the game, but it is a shame that the birthplace of the railway is being omitted from the game!


    If you want I can make a British mod pack after I make my American one.


    Well if modding will be supported i believe we will see alot around. I hope not only trains but also buildings and other stuff.


    If they’re going to publish a DLC pack from different countries, I hope they won’t forget to also change the scenery.

    It’d be kinda stupid to have (i.e.) American trains with German streets, buses and trucks or UK trains with the cars still driving on the right side of the road.

    Also, I think modders can make a UK pack too, since German and UK scenery look a like, exept the cars driving on different sides of the road.

    Oh well, let the devs focus on the original game first! đŸ˜›


    Don’t panic plenty of UK members will ensure theres UK stuff available, already have stuff waiting for the mod api to arrive and I’ll get them in. Below is just one of many british trains and carriages already approaching completion.

    deltic1 by SpannerMonkey


    Basel has confirmed that user mods are not against the EULA and will be encouraged. That Deltic is certainly looking promising!

    I am certainly not able to make user add ons, but British trains would make the game a billion times better imho!

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    @Berry, Like what Cities in motion had the different DLC packs for different countries?

    I would like to see DLC packs that gave more variety of vehicles that can be used.


    Yeah, something like that. The DLCs were actually completly new ”themes” instead of just new vehicles on the existing map.


    But I guess it was too much work to make traffic drive on the left side of the route in the London and Tokyo DLCs, too bad.

    I’d really like to see the kind of DLC for T-F that CiM offered. I’d probably consider buying a UK-themed DLC or US-themed DLC. I wouldn’t just buy a vehicle pack from a country, exept if they’re low priced and aren’t completly out of place in a German-scenery (e.i. Dutch DLC or French DLC).


    Oh well, I’ll probably wait ’til I get enough of the standard T-F and then look at mods first. I bet that the T-F community can make nice stuff as well (for free :P).


    I’m planning on making a mod pack contains trains of the Great Northern Railway (GNR), I’ve have a list, but I’m going to start small as I’m new to this, but it’s going to be fun :3


    I have a load of content that’s ready to go, including a complete array of British colour light signals (era 1990 to-date), as well as Classes 40, 43 (HST), 45, 47, 57, 370 (See Below), Mk1, Mk2 & Mk3 Coaches.

    Any gaps in content, I’m a bit of a 3DS Max veteran with over 15 years’ experience in 3D Modelling and Design, so I could probably help bring a plethora of British content to the scene.

    Just a shame I didn’t make the beta team but I’ve pre-ordered so maybe we’ll get early access at some point.


    Here’s a little something I’ve been working on for “another-well-known-sim”:



    Damn that’s one sweet looking APT model. It’s for Railworks right?


    i hope there will be British Stream trains like the Flying scotsman (like in a modpack or many mods or DLCs)

    and also  British passenger & Goods Cars from stream train ages like 1800-1930 or something like that idk where the XXX trains are from i just like the  British stream trains &  passenger & Goods Cars best


    basely the In Real Life counter parts of trains&cars from thomas the tank engine is my fav. since i like the designs
    (and not only cuz of that kids show)

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    Well there is the Class A4 included in the game. So at least 1 British loco.

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