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    After around 2000, I’m seeing lots of cars using the bus lanes, usually in the northbound direction, causing trams and buses to be held up while the inner lane, the one intended for cars, is largely unused.

    This is causing massive gridlock, even when you’ve expanded to the widest roads and specified bus lanes. The rest of the network seems OK, the cars (largely) stay out of the bus lanes and so the trams and buses can flow smoothly… but then they come to a crashing halt on just one or two stretches where the cars aren’t driving in the correct lane.

    Obviously, this is important, since this usually has a snowball effect since the train volume drops too, leading to more cars, falling incomes, drop in area covered and increased waiting times, leading to more traffic and dropping volumes, etc.


    Try deleting all roads connecting the cities. Solved the problem for me.

    If you have any truck or bus lines using those roads, try replacing them with train lines.

    good luck


    I’m getting this too and it totally disables all my bus and tram lines. Definitely needs fixing. We shouldn’t have to delete the roads to fix this.

    This game supposedly was beta tested so I’m curious to know if this was seen in the beat tests. Or did they not even test it like they said. It seems to me that they didn’t test it and we are all their beta testers AND we had to pay to do it for them because if this game was beta tested one would think that the errors we’re getting would have been resolved before release. So if there were beta testers, what the hell did they test and what did they report on because it seems they sure did miss a whole bunch of problems.

    Even tho I think the game has potential, I don’t think it should have been released with all the problems that it has and I don’t like that I had to pay to beta test a game that was supposedly ready for primetime. I just hope they keep good to their word and fix all the problems in a timely manner because as of now, the games I started are way too choppy for me to continue to play them. And that is annoying me very much since I paid $36.00 for a game that I can’t continue playing and now I feel that I was ripped off.

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    229 Hours of Gameplay and yes i found out a way to stop the traffic jam………….

    1. upgrade all Streets in town to Maximum size with bus and tram line

    2. try to get above 70% linefrequency passengers

    3. enjoy the reduced traffic

    4. tested in Citys with up to 1400 people with tram lines from town to town with

    Town A to B with 20 Trams and the same in the other direction from B to A with 20 Trams (6Stations per town in a circle spreaded around the citycenter)

    5. negative Points it will be laggy sooner or later 🙂 and you have to spend a lot of Money for City micromanagement

    greetings Markus

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    > 1. upgrade all Streets in town to Maximum size with bus and tram line

    This is what solves it. Its PITA to demolish half of the town to do it but its the only way that helps forever. Because if you leave one street non-upgraded, cars will get stuck there eventually. And then cars on the main road trying to turn to this small street will stuck too and chain goes on and on..


    I delete/ redesign problem junctions alot of the traffic often stems from 1 junction. If you have tram station then a tram depo next to each other with 2 junctions in close proximity, the AI seem to wait till the junctions are clear before driving through this leads to just 1 car going through the section at a time and a build up of traffic in both directions, so I just delete the tram depo and the traffic moves free again.


    Don’t delete the city to city links, build more, my hub city is where 3 lines terminate, so I built a road going to the first city on each of the lines (1 was already in place) it spread the road traffic out and despite a pop of 1200 the city is traffic free and still 85% line usage,


    +1 @ gobbybobby

    “85% line usage”

    thats the reason why your Town is almost traffic free. Big Streets and line usage thats the way. Well done 🙂

    greetings Markus

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