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    As the title says, I think that the latest patch has introduced a new bug. It seems that every time I try to create a second track adjacent to a long, curved tunnel already built, the game is unable to create the enlarged tunnel portal and keep showing “collision” no matter how much I try…

    I don’t know if the problem is the fact that the tunnel is in curve or that it’s too long, but in the previous version building these types of double tunnels was easy enough, and I rarely had this problem. Now the collision problem is always present, except for short tunnels.

    Please, Devs, take a look.


    I’ve noticed this as well.


    After some testing, I discovered that it has to do with slope and curvature of the tunnels, and affects bridges too. Only flat and slightly curved or straight tunnels (and bridges) can be doubled easily. Doubling a long curved tunnel or a long curved bridge is almost always impossible.  I hope that this will be fixed…


    Experiencing this quite frequent myself 🙁

    Its can get rather expensive trying to work around the bugs in game.


    I have to confirm this too.

    Even if the tracks are built to a certain point (just before they would start a tunnel) completely aligned, and end both at a staight wall, tunneling of the first line will lead to a “jump” (usually just 1-2 ticks) that the other line can’t align to.

    This is quite sad whan it comes to spend hard earned money on high speed tracks (to earn even more).

    I can’t defnetly confirm that this is due to the last upgrade, but at least i had no issues like this befor this upgrad on smaller maps.



    I’m having exactly the same issue and for this bug I had to build, take down, build, and take down again a super long bridge I was trying to build over a lake. Cost me over 50M to do this and I finally succumbed to building around the lake, making the track speed limits lower.

    I hope this gets fixed soon, as it’s preventing me from building new and fast lines for more modern trains.


    If this is still an issue I would suggest a temporary workaround until this gets fixed (because another patch is probably a couple of weeks away at earliest) is that in many cases you can simply separate the lines whilst you tunnel/bridge and rejoin them at the end.

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    bump again, this time with screenshots.

    whole length of the section

    end point of the tunnel

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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