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    I had set up a railway line between two cities. I see 35 passengers are waiting at one station. The train picks up 35 (with a capacity of 40 total).

    During the trip to the other city, the number went down to 21, and only 21 passengers were delivered. This has happened a few times now.


    What happened to these passengers? Did they jump off? Did they die?


    I experienced this too, probably one of the bugs, that survived beta, but I trust in the devs too fix this, since they seem to be very passionate, they produced many patches during beta and made huge improvements on the game and today, on release day, the produced a 1 GB sized patch.
    I guess this problem won’t survive for long 😉


    As far as I know this is not really a bug. Just an oversight on transporting. The game works the following both Freight and Passengers:

    Can i get from here to here within 20 Minutes (~ 1 – 2 ingame years.) And will it take me where i want to go (Source -> Destination. EX: Home to work. Freight supply to demand)

    If the game thinks it can it will start its trip. If it knows it cant it wont. The frequency of cargo travel however seems finicky. It shows the wait time from vehicle to another vehicle per station averages. But it dosnt show the true travel time from point A to B and there is no real way to determine how long it truelly takes for a ‘agent’ (freight, passenger) to get to where they want to go other then simply guessing.

    So bassically i believe that the game will send out an agent to do their thing. Even tho it calculates the time to get from point A to B less then 20 minutes, It doesnt count in the travel time. If vehicle spacing is bad (train 1 after another and then a huge wait for another train) it still will send out the agent and the agent dissapears later on since the travel time is too long. This includes at stations, and hilariouslly in transit. I thought of this as they simply die out in transit but its really the game just pulling them back since it took too long. Its not a bug. Just abit weird.

    Id say there should atleast be alittle compensation. Like half the usual income got from the dissapearing agent and the agent occupies the actual vehicle until a station to disembark.


    This is actually a bug because passengers that dissapear, do so because their home was demolished to make way for a new building, so i suppose it may not be the easiest bug to fix as the people would then be homeless, so it may be simpler to just delete them from the world as they do.

    Never the less they should let them count as a paying passenger still even thought they dissapeared.


    LOL, and i was thinking those people where fare dodgers. In the description of one passenger car is written that it is impossible for the conductor to check tickets 😛


    To address the problem with the disappearing passengers. The case is exactly as @jorgenRe explains it. We are aware of this problem even from the beta tester but had not yet find a fitting solution how to get it done right. I must say that his idea that they should still count as paying passenger sounds like a step in the right direction. 


    Thanks for taking my tip @mikael it is as they say Urban Games listens to the community 😀


    Cant believe this problem still hasnt been fixed.

    Nevermind losing the passengers along the trip, just make them pay to get on-board.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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