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    When saving a game you get to type in the name of the save, hit enter and keep playing. I use WASD alot to move around and it stops responding until I move around by using right mouse button. What happens is that the keyboard input goes to the textbox that was just closed, this becomes obvious the next time you save and the textbox already contains something like “dsawdasdwasddd”

    btw, is this where we’re to report bugs?


    I had the keyboard go unresponsive several times when playing a game yesterday.

    Only saved the game when I quit playing, not otherwise, yet still it went unresponsive countless times.

    Very frustrating since using the mouse to scroll the screen is difficult at best as it stops scrolling when the ouse pointer gets over any of the UI elements, forcing me to use the keyboard.

    When the keyboard then also becomes unresponsive, it goes beyond mere frustrating, and into the realm of rage.


    Workaround: Drop a piece of road or track, you don´t have to actually confirm it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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