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    We still have this very annoying bug.  I had hoped that it was fixed in the last patch; it hasn’t it’s still there!

    This is a major problem, it it’s not spotted immediately on a double track main line the whole service is trashed resulting in a massive financial loss.

    Can this be addressed in the next fix, please? It’s bugs like this that spoil the game.


    This company has managed to trash their own game.

    They got crowd-funded don’t forget. This money allowed them to trash build the game whilst ripping off the funders.

    Money in advance makes humans lazy.

    The same problem exists for upgrading road sizes or adding tram tracks: The buses instantly relocate and generally return to the bus station they began from. The game is a mess and they now have spent all of the crowd-funders money in the Pub, I hope they toasted the funders as they enjoyed the beer.


    @morierty Your comments are usually annoying at best, but this starts to become completely unacceptable. I agree that there are some problems (I would call them minor glitches) for upgrading roads and relocating vehicles, but you cannot go as far as labelling developers as people ripping of funders and spending all of the crowdfunders money in the Pub. I think freedom of speech is paramount, but here you are going into defamation which is simply unacceptable.


    I am sorry to hear you have found my 6 or 7 posts annoying.

    I only come here when this game has infuriated me so much, so I never start off in a calm and collected matter.

    I think the board and your team at the company understands that I have an extremely low opinion of both the company and the product you are still selling. I’ve yet to do a calm and collected review of this game, and it would remain better for you if I didn’t. The game is a basketcase, nothing is balanced and nothing really works.


    The game is a basketcase, nothing is balanced and nothing really works.

    And there are free games, that solve this tasks better in every way.

    The developers didn´t even tried to understand the mechanics of such games and created features that doesn´t make sense at all like the spreading funktion of vehicles.

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    Your comment makes no sense at all.

    In my opinion their has never been a good Railway game since Railroad Tycoon 2 (not 3). I simply wish to find a decent working 3D version of what is arguably the best railway game ever made. This game wins in some minor aspects but manages epic fails on the most important aspects, such as building track and roads. (or the the almost impossible task of doing either), along with capacity of vehicles versus the expanding cities, combined with fares that on hard level don’t really pay the laughable maintenance costs of any railway or road vehicle.

    Had the actual costs on hard level been accurate, then the UK would never have bothered to invent the Railway back in the 1660’s, as the first Colliery wooden rails would have remained with a single pony/horse carrying two packs instead.


    Railroad Tycoon 2 also has a big balancing problem because high distances passenger transport earns too much money and dominates the game.

    If you look for a game with modern 3D graphic you could have a problem, but I´m satisfied to play Simutrans, not a railway but transportation game. But the developers wanted to simulate passengers and reduced capacities, that´s the beginning of this failure.


    On this we agree.

    The biggest error in Railroad Tycoon 2 was you could transport passengers from a town to anywhere. One of the German games I used to own tried to fix this problem, but set 10 destinations  for each town of specific passengers going to others. It overwhelmed you. It is a problem transport games face. This game wins on this aspect with the 20 minute rule. It is the closest I’ve seen any game since the A-Train to dealing with a realistic world.

    You mentioned Simutrans, but then dismissed it due to capacity balance fails, like this game. I must confess, I’ve not brought it, would you recommend buying it?

    I’m away now for probably a month and will look forward to your reply when I return on that game. I just want a game I can sit down to, enjoy and chill out too. As I get older I grow more more intolerant of games that make you work, after a real actual hard days/months work, companies that produce games that make you work miss the instant money us older gamers always have to buy their product.

    I predict that eventually all games aimed at young people will appear on Mobile phones, all games for the older generation will be on Console or PC only. Anyway, I’ve rambled on this, but you helped me to solidify my thoughts on what the developers could do with this game, as opposed to what they are currently doing: Nothing.

    I paid £6.50 or something for the game, it is worth far more, but only once they begin to re-code it. A second version at £30 is feasible if they simply fix the obvious problems.



    You mentioned Simutrans, but then dismissed it due to capacity balance fails, like this game. I must confess, I’ve not brought it, would you recommend buying it?

    Sorry, my last sentence was about Train Fever again.

    But the developers wanted to simulate passengers and reduced capacities, that´s the beginning of this failure.

    Simutrans is an open source game.

    You don´t have to buy it, you can download for free. Graphics are retro style and many people don´t like it, because of this.

    You need the main program, the game engine and a pak, that includes, graphics, vehicles and many economical parameters. You can alter many of them and create your own game, if you´re experienced.

    There are especcially two other things, that are better in this game.

    You can create very big maps, where you need huge capacities, so the game is a consistent fight, to transport everything, that´s similar to OTTD.

    The other point is, that passengers have destination, where they want to go. Apart from their bigger number that´s better solved as in Train Fever, where you can “train” your passengers to go, where you want them to go.

    In Simutrans you have to build huge networks for people to reach every location, that´s the most fascination element for many people to play this game.

    Cargo has destinations, too, because factories have contracts.

    You will take a time to get familiar with the game, but the interface is much better than Train fever.


    The reversing problem can mostly be adressed by setting each side of the double track to one way with signals.


    For the rest of the discussion, different people want different things. I really enjoy Train Fever even with it’s flaw, and i can’t get myself into Simutrans.


    @moriety I just want to make clear that I am simply a player and I’m not related to Urban Games in any way.

    I also think that this game has several weaknesses and expressed them in other posts (no competition, lack of information tools, balancing, difficulties in crossing roads and rails). I also agree that developers often seem not listening to players (to be fair, they implemented some of the asked features) and they would give a much better image if they would inform us if they are planning to address some of the shortcomings in the future.

    However, that is not a reason to be that disrespectful ! That was the main point of my previous post.


    The reversing problem can mostly be adressed by setting each side of the double track to one way with signals.

    This will not stop the trains reversing and gumming up the the network.  My point is that the reversal should not happen!

    I am also aware that trams can behave in the most peculiar way when the road network is modified.  The difference is that the the trams sort themselves out after a short time without any need for player intervention and thus do not cause any major problems.  The trains have to be corrected by the player, when they notice the problem, usually when a highly profitable line start loosing money.

    Traian Trante

    I’ve found that if I use waypoints at the end of each line the trains don’t reverse so often. It’s still an extra hasle to add 2 waypoints but still….



    Hi mate, back again.

    It is small companies such as this that make future games, and provide jobs for us in Europe.

    This company has built the back-bone of a second version of this game.

    I could do a synopsis of the game, much will be negatative (but in a positive way), but equally much will be positive: Basically, the models are superb, the countryside is great as going overboard on countryside graphics overwhelmes the PC and isn’t what the game is about. Etc, etc, There are many, many things that please me, along with many criticisms that can be addressed if enough of us ask for it IN THE NEXT VERSION, at £30.

    You know what mate, paying £6.50 was almost like an insult. In London, it is the same as buying a pint and a half of beer, which is then drunk within a single hour: Only one remains in the morning.

    This company needs to get off their backsides so we can tell them what improvements or changes need to be made.

    If we leave aside our common desire for competition and a stock market, at least Train Fever 2 might get going, and I would welcome it here in London. Since RRT2 I’ve never seen a great railway game, these lads could change all that and make this man (now getting older and increasingly grumpy, and now a grandad!:) happy!!

    If you think I’m an old grandad now, think again: This video below was MY London as a young teenager, and a Punk: a video that is now almost impossible to find it seems: It shows the UK as she then was, the obsession the government had with the Warsaw Pact. Now we are all friends and can talk with other. I hope all of of you takes away a bit of learning from this video.


    A little piece of European social history.

    This was our weird world at the time, and modern Grandads like me are probably a tad different now, especially those of us who came from the Punk days in London: .  This video records exactly how the centre of London was back then. It was our life, for us London lads. So, we never wish to annoy others now we’ve got old ourselvles: The Police despised us lot BTW.


    My last comment to the lads working in the company: Talk to your customers!

    Nothing like burying your head in the sand without reason or excuse. Thus far, you’ve done a great job, now stick your head above the parapet and simply listen fellahs to your future customers.


    These days, small start-ups are few, we in Europe really need them right now.



    Your posts are funny.
    There are not many companies, that listen so much to there customers then this one. The communication is not perfect, but they listen. They just doesn’t speak so often till now. This will probably change in a month (or two?) =)

    They got not just crowdfunded, they have used the money to do something new. There is no game that is similar to train-fever. Technical of course. Only Cities: Skylines tries something equal, but not cleanly as train-fever does it. Sure, it is not perfect. But hey, what game is perfect? If you don’t like it, i like it. If someone else doesn’t like it, there is another one, 2, 3, 4, … that like it.

    If a game doesn’t fit your dreams doesn’t make it bad. If a company doesn’t reply to you doesn’t mean it is not listening to there community. Telling everyone, that you have not paid the full price to support the company but yelling around like a little teenager how ******* the game is. Do you really think anyone would just want to listen to those people?

    You probably have cost them already more then you have paid … good work! 😀
    For me, it seems more that they respect you more then you respect them … i bet many companies would have already thrown you out of the window. So, i would say: 3:0 for them 😉

    Have a nice day 🙂

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