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    I also posted in another thread, but it didn’t seem like that user was experiencing crashes so I might have a separate issue.

    After the update I started a new game, and by the year 1900 I started experiencing a lot of crashes.  Previously, the game never crashed on me even if it was lagging.  They seem to happen at the end of the month or the start of a new year.  Sometimes a notification will come up saying that the graphics card has reset, sometimes not.  It seems to get worse after demolishing lots of buildings in a city while on pause and restarting the game.

    I have a Samsung laptop with a AMD Radeon™ HD 8770M 1GB chip inside and an Intel 4000 chip, but I have the game set to use the AMD card.  Let me know if there’s a crashdump file which I could attach or send if it would help debug the crash further.

    EDIT: no mods were being used before or after the update.

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