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    After updating the game, I loaded up a medium flat map game that lagged and paused a lot to see if it was any better to play. I have a quad core, 8 gig ram and GeForce GTX 650 Ti.  The first thing I seen and like is the progress bar when loading. I also think the map loaded faster. I also only use the cost_mod and a couple vehicles I made. Everything else is default.

    After the game loaded, it was still jerky when I spun around the first time but it does seem to be smoother now once I spin once. The game still pause like before but not as bad and when laying track, while paused, it seems smoother there too. It still gets jerky when I spin again or zoom out to re-position, but I was able to build longer before the game got jerky.

    That alone helps a lot. Thank you. It’s still not the best but it is better.

    There are 2 other things I like, the white mouse pointer and how the game will start in paused mode. The pause mode is one of the things I wanted to see. Awesome!!

    Thank you Devs and hope to see more good updates to make this game as good as it could be.

    EDIT: I got back into the game and now some sounds are missing when I build track. I don’t hear the thump any more. Also, when I delete track I don’t hear that sound either. I hear the sound when stretching out the track or bridge, just not the thump. I’m going to reboot and see if that does anything.

    The sounds are working again after I rebooted.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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