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    This “feature” ruins the game play, not only because it is broken in the purest sense of the word but it completely disrupts game play and make the game far more frustrating than it really should be.

    How many times do I make a mistake and can’t remove the road cause it’s a main connection? Can’t upgrade Train Stations because they are a main connection and can’t be removed? Can’t add trams or upgrade roads in general because they are a main connection? Too Many times I am afraid, I think I am done with this game until a mod comes out that removes Main Connection or there is an option to turn it off.
    Build 5080 improved NOTHING with Main Connection!

    Creation inhibiting, mind numbing, frustrating, and useless mechanic.



    I don’t get why everybody keep on complaining on the same point over and over, while they can just download the patcher and remove the feature….. 😉



    P.S. I kinda grow fond of the feature. I’m actually making more money than I ever did now that all the main connections are actually connected.


    Yeah, This mod and others like it, I should not have to rely on this to fix a game. They cause instability and make it even more difficult to get other mods to work.

    The game should just work, have as many options as possible, and not limit the creativity of anyone who wants to play the game what ever way they want. It’s a creative building and management game. Why have artificial limits?


    You have no idea what you are talking about.
    2 Bytes in the error display are changed, conditional jump to jump.

    This changes in no way how stuff works in the res folder…

    But yes, it only works with a valid steam version 🙂


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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