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    I just found out about this game today. Looks great!! There hasn’t been a brilliant railway/transport tycoon-like game released for years. I can’t wait to play it 🙂 I’ve just got three questions:

    1. It’s great news that there will be freight in the game & that delivering freight has a dynamic impact on city growth, I would like to know whether we will be able to build industries? or will they only be built by the AI?
    2. Will it be possible (by building transport to a vacant isolated area on the map) to seed a new town?
    3. The  gameplay trailer shows the placement of stations & bus stops, but doesn’t show a passenger catchment radius, will there be one?



    To first: as I know, we will built only transport infrastructure: rails, stations, depots, etc.

    Axel Springer

    2. new town:

    3. i dont no where, but i read there will be no catchment radius.


    Thanks for the responses,

    That’s a shame about not being able to seed a new town. I suppose given the size of the map it makes sense though.

    If there’s no catchment radius how will we know where to put stations and stops? The benefit of a catchment radius is that you can easily see whether your stop/station placement is efficient & that they don’t compete with each other for passengers/goods


    There’s no catchment radius because as long as the have a time advantage using this station the inhabitants will use it if I got that right. So if you place stations like busstations close to each other people won’t have to walk that far and are more likely to use your bus. But if you have only one train station in town and some people have to walk for quite a long time to get there, they still might use it to travel in other cities. However I already asked if we could have a optional layer in the game which shows how long it takes (by foot) from each house to walk to the next station.

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    Axel Springer

    He wrote only probably. Maybe it works later or only new industries like locomotion.


    Ah here:

    “We have a few graphical overlays planned, for example height curves and traffic-displays. A display mode to display the zone of influence is not possible with our simulated passengers, the player has to study the city structure and create the best possible layout without this helper.”

    You have to use your brain 🙂

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    Thank you Axel Springer for the answers 😉

    You’re helping me a lot.

    Axel Springer

    @Sandroluzern: that will be very interessting what solution we will get in Train Fever. An optional layer it´s cool for beginners and pro´s.  Something like Sim City Rush Hour

    Mikael, you need a community manager 🙂


    Interesting, so is it only time based or distance based as well.  Traffic can influence the time it takes to get to the station.


    It would be nice to have some screenshots of freight trains, freight stations and industries. There are not any in the Screenshot part of the site, neither in the videos !

    Can we make trains wait in a freight station until it is full ? Can we create way-points to tell a train which track to go (we could want to have a dedicated track for freight traffic). That would be nice features.

    And what will be the available goods to transport ? Coal, cereals ?

    Thank you

    Axel Springer

    Yes, way-points very interessting.

    Update about industries will comming.


    “Freight transport

    Our freight model is motivated by the games Transport Tycoon and Simutrans, but many improvements make it more interesting and realistic. Our current design includes coal, iron ore, steel, wood, stock, grain, oil and goods freight.

    Raw materials like coal or iron ore are mined at several locations in the game world. These raw materials can then be transported to factories and industrial buildings, which usually process them to goods. Goods are finally needed in commercial buildings in towns. Residents then buy these goods in commercial buildings.

    Basically, each building, factory or mine requires some items (freight and people) and produces items if requirements are met. Supply and demand is realistically simulated. Items can be transported by the player, but are also transported by agents (i.e. people walk and workers transport freight themselves, though with low speed, range and capacity).”



    Thanks for the info Axel.  One question about the simulation…

    If we would start the game and did nothing, would the town/s evolve at all or will they remain static or even degrade until there was some user interaction from the player such as building railways/transport links?



    Our current design includes coal, iron ore, steel, wood, stock, grain, oil and goods freight.

    I would really appreciate a more complex industrial chain. As those are a bit hard to add in a DLC and as far as I know there is no expansion planned. Maybe add the possibility for the community to easily add more types of cargo, requirements?

    The complexity of the chain is a key factor to keep motivation. For example: a simple chain to follow such as: GRAIN from FARM to INDUSTRY. GOODS from INDUSTRY to COMMERCIAL. Its easily achieved, and of course necessary at the beginning.

    But a complex and hard to achieve is great. Such as a mod to Locomotion called Auto Plant.




    VEHICLES are delivery to towns

    SCRAP in recycled center = STEEL


    Only that chain to make vehicles create a vehicle complex network. Please make complex and hard to achieve chains.


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    So we will have mines and oilfields to have trains load up and take them to factory stations? Thats what im reading correct? Then from the factory stations drag the produced items say food from a farm to… where? a passenger station? what about training it to a trucking station for semis to pick up the piggy back cars.

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