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    I noticed that you can build a station quite some distance away from the city it serves. On one map I build a line along the banks of a river, on the opposite side where the cities where. I then build stations opposite each town, a bridge across the river and some streets around the station. This started some nice development, and soon most of the passengers of my trains actually lived in walking distance of the station.

    This is a very nice feature, and very realistic, as in reality when railways were first build this is exactly what happened. Stations were build outside of town, and the town grew towards the station.

    Next thing I’m going to try to serve two town with a station half way in between. We’ll see what this brings…



    You can go even further than that, it’s possible to build the station some distance from the town.  You simply create a bus or tram route to connect the town and station.  You will find that the connecting bus/tram will carry passengers to the station, and make a profit!

    This was common in the UK where stations could not easily be built as close to a town as would be desirable.  The station was named after the town with the suffix ‘road’ added.


    As long as home->station->work/leisure/shops is within 20 minutes of travel & at the same time faster than using a car, the people will travel to the station wherever that station might be 🙂


    I know what the op means and I often do the same. Another thing I like to do is make sure I build a road bridge over the line so the town can develop both sides of the line.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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