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    Hi everyone,

    really like the game so far, but I have two problems with it.

    First, If you route a new bus/tram line, the game then suggests you a system-preferred route which sometimes wants to do some loops around street blocks you do not want to navigate to.

    When I started the game the dead end roads annoyed me, so I started to close the road gaps. That lead to circles inside the city which are perfect for tram/bus routes (stations A->B->C->D with A next stop already) at first view.

    The more I play the game my thoughts altered. In my mind real cities do not have those closed loops in traffic transport. Normally the busses/trams go from one point of the city, then mostly through the center and then to another point . So the bus/tram routes describes a line and not a circle.

    So I played another few games and stopped closing those dead end routes and let the city grow mostly native. I built bus/tram routes through the center as mentioned above, as in real cities. In game that only seems to function if I build a route like A-B-C-D-C-B, but will probably do some loops here and there.

    Second, the part that freeks me out and is probably a bug. When I expand existing bus/tram routes or want to add a new route into random city on the map, then it always happens that the routes I am not editing will change in weird ways. The other routes then gets random loops where busses are lost. When I want to correct the infected route then another route is wrong and so on.

    Sorry for the long text and mistakes in english language. Hope you got my problem.



    I had the same problem. My routes were fine, until I set up a route in a new city. It seemed like a very simple route. More or less, just a circuit. But the AI turned it into a nightmarish pretzel – twisting & turning, and doubling back and forth.

    I sat there, scratching my head – and tried to tweak it, which just made it worse (if that was possible). So I deleted all the stations and started from scratch. Exactly the same result.

    After swearing at the screen for 5 minutes, I was just about ready to give up on the town, when I noticed something……….

    Most of my stations were on one side of the street, but a couple were on the other side.


    After placing all the stations on one side, I had the elegant circuit, I was aiming for. The other side can wait until there is more traffic-flow.

    Hope this helps……….



    I think the problem depends on the feature that the KI tries to use all bus stations / tracks on railway stations evenly. On railroad this is solved by signals. With busses or trams I had good results by placing a stop on both side of the street (they are automatically grouped together) and doing two lines: one runs A-B-C-D and the other one D-C-B-A. during build time sometimes twists in mysterious ways but in the the end it normally snaps to the correct route in the end.

    Especially with trams, tram railways also help (just don’t build them everywhere).

    BTW: I am a fan of circle lines since CIM1. I know they are uncommon in real life but there are exceptions, for example the Circle Line in the city of London.



    When you place bus station put it on both side of the road. Those two stations will automatically merge and count as one. I had a lot of route problems with stations only on  one side.


    I had same problem made no money took to long or got stuck in traffic miles away from the stop, due to being diverted so I came up with the straight line rule and so far they all make alot of money and frequency goes down to 20 sec.  I’m on my phone so can’t put screen but I will later to show you what I mean I’ll try explain.

    Make a straight line from where you want to go, blue to red to green to yellow most populated,  then when making the line click all 4 then click the last one again then 3rd and 2nd and 1st you have 4 bus stops but the bus will stop 8 times and you will get a perfect line on just that one road, and I only need 2-3 buses or trams in 1909 and they the line is at 450 odd thousand. and at the end of one if the lines I put the train station  too which then In creases it. I usually have 3 if these a city in a cross format. I’ll upload screen tonight from pc



    A-B-C-D-A routes are in general ineffective. For smaller cities tho, its usefull as the line can cover more area and completes it faster. Therefore u need less busses. But for larger routes, in my expirience, busses fill up in the first couple of busstops, so people waiting at later busstops are continuesly waiting for a full bus… As people at the first busstop who enter the bus, need to travel the whole line in order to get to the railroadstation.

    My view 🙂

    Oh and that bug with looping busses also occurs when the city grows. When a road is connected to the road a bus is driving on, it randomly gets put on another road which is not even part of the line its driving. Very weird… But they will keep following the line correctly. Altho this messes up the time between busses which is very hard and time-consuming to reach.


    @Nickos  that’s the reason why I build two opposite lines. Say A is at your train station:

    Line A-B-C-D-E-A fills up at A, drops passengers at B,C (short ways); takes passengers at D-E and moves them to the Station quickly.

    Line A-E-D-C-B-A fills up at A, drops passengers at E,D (short ways); takes passengers at C,B and moves them to the Station quickly.

    The result is: short trips for everyone! Nobody hanging around in the bus for 3/4 of the line.


    Yes, so you have 2 lines doing that? I always use 1 line for that. I use big maps, if i use 2 lines, i would loose any overview. Let alone think about having to replace vehicles on those lines seperately hehe.

    They move like A  – B – C – D – E – F (trainstation, passenger hub) -G – H – I – J – K – L And then they turn around doing the same line but then in opposite.

    If you put the lines in the right spots (homes to workplaces and leisure) i think most profit will be made due to high frequency rate.

    And besides that, seeing people waiting at a bus stop for minutes because every bus that passes is full, is not really what im trying to achieve nor satisfactory.


    I agree. Obviously, without healthy profits you don’t get far in the game. But that’s not why I play. I try to go for realism first, and worry about the profits second.

    And so – when I set up my lines – I first ask myself: “How would it be done in the RW.”


    so from my previous post, you can see here the green line and red line are straight earning good money.

    i then did another line on the right hand side later of after this screen

    i cant figure out how to add the pic lol so right click and press open image in new tab


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    another example of what i ment on early post of straight line bus routes


    Jwoo. How the heck you make so much profit on such short routes? I tried longer straight routes with 10 stops with freq of around 100 secs. There were just not enough passengers to make profit.

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