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    When I’m setting up a new horse line it sometimes won’t work. The frequency is –. And the bus(es) stands still at a bus stop. The bus says “No path”. As a result nobody is using the bus and I lose a lot of money.


    Please help.


    No path means there is no connected road (or rail for trains/trams) between the current position and the next station on the list of the line the bus/tram/train is running on.

    When you just created a new line and assigned new vehicles to it, the vehicles look for a path to the closest station on the line you attributed the vehicle to. A common problem is that you by mistake selected the wrong line (eg of another city). Or, you did not connect a piece of road (or rail) between the depot and the closest station/stop on that line.


    Thats simple when you check the Line make sure that the following Terms are ok:

    1. are the stations connected with streets or railroadtrack? zoom in and check it……..

    2. sometimes there a really small parts of Streets or railroad tracks that are not connected ……. it will take time to check this 🙂

    3. Busses can not use Cargo Stations and you will get the message Line not found……….same for Trains :-).. do you really build the corrct Station? …check it……

    4. delete the Line and make it new … you got a better overview to see if you got the Station you want to add to the line……check it

    and when this is not working……….mmhh you got a Problem i guess

    greetings Markus



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    Topic starter is correct. There is a bug here.

    I had a buss line that worked. So I continued building elsewhere on the map. Then I noticed that line was loosing money so I whent back and as the topic starter said all busses where standing still at one stop saying “No Path”.

    As I said I been working elsewhere on the map.

    The route was working.

    The only thing that could have “destroyed” the route is the automatic upgrade / transformation of the city. Adding of roads. upgrading buildings etc.  It could be a buss stop being destroyed by this process.

    What is strange is that the game logic understands there “is no path”. But when the game destroyed the path it did not know what it was doing otherwise it could have reevaluate the path and picked a new path.

    Seems some parts of the game is not “communicating” with eachother.



    Is it possible to create a savegame where this is going to happen?

    If you have an autosave right before that would be great.

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