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    Hello Support!

    1) BUS LANESThe bus lanes does not work on OSX for some time now. I think its 3 updates ago that the “red buslanes” are gone. Here is an example:

    I am wondering if you have plans for one way roads? Ramps? This would solve some problems regarding traffic.

    3) AVENUES and TRAM-ONLY roads
    It is very important for Trams to get fast thru traffic without getting stuck in the traffic. Avenues where trams can run in the middle on gras or on pavement is essential for cities when they become bigger.

    It would be very great if trams could use rail tracks also! And it would be nice to have Light-Rail stops so it would be sense to build light-rail/metro system in the cities. The player should get this tools when one of the towns gets a City status etc. That would be a nice reward etc.

    Other than this, the latest update have given me lots of speedup for sure. Great job!

    Wishes the Train Fever all the best. You will be loved by any player when you continue to have such great communication with the players and adds things that players wants. Its the best ever alpha-beta-release method out there. In this way people who loves the game, will love it even more and spread this around and you will be rewarded a lot. I am from Amiga community,.. and here community driven projects have survived Amigas for sure. I would hope for a AmigaOS 4.x or MorphOS version of the game though 🙂 But its just a dream.



    The issue with missing bus lanes was already reported before:

    I guess it is only a graphic issue. Just activate Antialasing and you should see the bus lanes again.
    Bullet 2-4 still need attention, of course.


    Thats nice.. Now I really need Avenues or even one way roads .. or real highways.. OR roundabouts??? 🙂 Please add these things!…


    The buslanes still doesnt show in OSX version. Ive tried every gfx settings… its not working… the game knows that the bus lanes are there, but not showing. This is on my MacBook Pro Retina i5 machine and on my iMac i7 with ATI card. The bus lanes worked before.

    Please help!


    Will be fixed with the next patch.



    Hi Mikael

    Thanks for reply. Will you add Avenues? Roads with tram tracks in the middle? Now I am in 2000 and its traffic jams everywhere, so my economy is shrinking a lot 🙂

    Best Regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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