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    I seem to be having trouble with bus systems and I never make any money using them, the only time I made money is if I made a bus stop at the main bus station from one town to another town.

    same with the tram, made no money on them aswell, unless the tram went from one city to another.

    ive tried different stops for example, the green section to the blue section, I get one passenger every now and then,

    if my station was at the green section, I would of thought people may use the bus line to get tot work.

    i even tried green to red, or green to yellow.

    and train station to the others, none of the lines I create make any money, I’ve tried a couple of stops  or a lot of stops, I’ve even made the stop s just at the bright colour sections.

    the only worth while thing they do is seem to make the city grow, soon as a bus station is down the city expands.


    can anyone help me here?


    p.s which is the best place to put the train station from town to town, blue or green?


    never use train’s in a city.

    at early year’s you only need to connect the brightest spots in one city. e.g. try one station in the bright green, one in the bright red and one in the bright blue zone. then connect those stations. you do not need to make a loop. after that you can do a station at you train station and then connect one city with another with the railroad and in that city you can image that build. also you need to keep the frequency low (at around 100sec at early game).


    Did you make sure to wait up to a few years? it can take quite a while for demand to grow. What year are you playing in?
    From my experience public transportation works better in certain cities which might have to do with the town/street layout and the location of the sectors.


    ok ill try just a few stops and see how it goes from there, I think i went in with the mind of transport tycoon where you need loads of stops.

    i did wait a few years yes it got to 30 years and each bus line made no profit when it had to replace them.

    I still don’t understand this frequency thing either so maybe due to i had one bus for each line I made eg 8 stops green to blue it took too long?


    Bus/tram lines by themselves wont do much. They are used as feeder systems into a greater network. Make sure you spread your stops around the town, and at least have one near your city to city station.


    The frequency works kinda Like this. Passengers will only use your transportation service if the travel time from point A to point B is shorter then the time it would take them to walk that distance. Same goes For cargo. Waiting time is also be taken in the calculation.

    So, if you decrease the waiting time by adding more vehicle to one lane (increase frequency) they will Mord likely use tue transportation service.


    Jwoo – basically the people always move between different colored areas (never from green to green etc).

    And your buses must provide them faster travel route than walking (wait time + travel time). So you dont need too many stops (there is no coverage like in other games. you dont need too many stations to cover better area). You should make the lines so transport between different areas is as fast as possible (so dont let your bus go through 12 stops in green areas just to pick as many people as possible). And you should consider adding more vehicles on the line. Bigger frequency = shorter waiting times = more customers.

    It is quite realistic system really. Your lines will only make money if they actually help people. Not if they are in populated areas like it is in another games.


    ohhhh ok I think I get it now, I guess this works for trains too. Because usually I had one train going city to City and on platform there would be only the amount or just under what the train would carry. And there were loads of cars on the road going city to city.

    so if I add another train aswell that will also increase,


    I’ll give this all ago thx for replys


    It is also possible. As written in the guide, the 20minutes traveling time is a maximum the people will tolerate. If there is no way for them to get to their destination in 20minutes they will not even go!!! So for some long train routes at the beggining of the game (slow trains) this may be a big problem. If it takes 5 minutes for a train to go from one station to the next it means it it arrive each 10 minutes to the station. Making the total travel time 15minutes. So it will be interesting only to people who will manege to get to the departure station + from the final station to their destination in 5minutes total. So you can serve only the close area.

    If you add another train, you will reduce waiting times to 5 minutes. Total travel time will be just 10minutes. So you can serve much larger areas. Because people will use tris line even if they spent more time reaching it.

    Also adding bus station near the train station that can bring peole as fast as possible fro. Other side of the city can realyy help. If they can reaxh your train station by walk in12 minutes they will not use it. If you provide bus that bring them there in 5 minutes, they will use it.

    Very simple and kind of realistic.


    this is what I really like about this game. It is not about placing stations just to cover the area. But about planning usefull lines that will primary help people reach their destination in shortest time possible.

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