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    Surely not im thinking but I thought I’d ask. I have seen this happen on a couple of occasions, coal mine working happily, train getting 80%+ loads each time and a relatively short line, frequency under 10 mins but have sat there and watched production slowly run down to ZERO from a healthy level within a Cpl of years for NO disenable¬†reason! I changed nothing, I mean, nothing. The first time it happened I had changed a train on another unrelated line. Wondering if this was the cause, I reloaded a savegame and the same thing happened. Really annoyed me as I had a nice little network going and this, of course, buggered up my supply chain. As I hadn’t paid off my debt I was unable to open up another coal supply and had to abandon the entire map. This was done with the ‘Cargo Mod’ installed, is it that that’s bugged?


    I guess the loading time became too long and went over the 20min limit. Try increaseing frequency


    Like I said, nothing changed. The route was pretty short as well so apart from a bug caused by the cargo mod, can’t see what else I could do. I couldn’t increase freq’ as no cash to buy more stock.


    Yes, they kind of can.

    The world in TF is always balanced. if the world can accept, say, 100 goods, then the steel mill can accept only 100 coal and ore.

    If, for any reason, the steel mill cannot produce enough goods, it will reduce its needs and thus may choke one of its suppliers. It happend to me once, when I removed a piece of road uponwhich goods were travelling to town. In a matter of days the steel mill reduced the production by about 60, sending ripples of production reduction to its suppliers.

    There is also the case with full-load order. If you add a vehicle with just abit more capacity then needed and with travel time edging on the 20 minutes and then order it to full load, then it will slowly degrade the production of the industry over several months or years.


    What uzurpator said is certainly one possibility. However what is more likely the issue is that you are supplying a factory with more then one source of the same raw resource. This causes them to compete with each other. If for instance you are supplying a town that requires 40 goods per year then the combined total raw resources of any one type that will be produced will be 40. Better to get the 40 from one source rather then split it between multiple sources.

    Every raw resource and factory can produce a maximum of 400 per year. Lets imagine you had a demand very near 400 for goods because you were supplying a bunch of cities with goods from the same sawmill. You could supply that sawmill with 400 logs from one forest or you could collect from two forests and it would split the 400 between them. But it is unlikely to split it evenly. One will likely dominate the other and so one of them will slowly reduce its production while the other increases.


    I think there might be another possible explanation. In short: one of the lines in the resource chain is not handling the maximal amount of goods/materials. This may be the case if many goods/materials are left at the station after the vehicle (usually train) leaves full.

    That happened to me a couple of times. Here’s an idea of what is happening. Say, the train line can deliver 100 items per year, and the production chain generates 101 per year. So, after N years there will be left about N items when the train leaves the station full. Seems like the goods/materials that come first are also loaded first, so N packages per year will not be loaded at the first chance when the train comes.In simple example, after 30 years, if the train(s) capacity is also 30, the waiting time for every item will include one additional train interval, which may become more than 20 minutes in total, and the line dies.


    Yes, I’ve seen that in the past with two Ore mines connected by the same rail line to the steel works. The 1st was producing so well that the train was full or nearly full at it’s second stop so the closer of the two shut down with stock still on the platform. Once I realised, adding more wagons to the train solved it.

    However, this is not the case here. In this situation, I have two ore plants feeding a steel/iron plant. One is independent, just sending a few by road, the other has a dedicated truck line as it’s pretty close so as not to warrant a rail link. The trucks were coping happily and production was around the 10-20 mark before winding down to nothing. Strange but maybe it is something to do with the ‘cargo mod’ as I’ve read it can muck about with how the game treats cargo as a whole.

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