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    On of the most frustrating things for me is the problem of the screen scrolling on its own.  Once it starts you can’t control it and I have to exit the game.  I can’t believe that I am the only one with this problem.  I only hope that Transport Fever doesn’t have the same problem.

    Is anyone else having this problem?  It kills the game for me.  Ultra frustrating!!!




    This is truly a unique problem. Can you give a little bit more detail about the problem? Is there a certain situation when this occurs? Do you play in windowed or full screen mode? And on which operating system?



    RAAndre, is it so, that the mouse cursor is in the middle of the screen, and the screen scrolls?


    The cursor can be anywhere on the screen and I still have control of the cursor/mouse even though I can’t control the screen.  If there is an open vehicle window and I click on the “Locate” (upper left) button, the screen stops and it zooms in on that vehicle.  When I then do anything else, the uncontrollable scrolling starts again.  I have to exit the game since there is no way to continue play.  It doesn’t happen every time but it does happen too often


    Hi Tom:

    This problem happens at anytime.  I used to think that it happens after I played for a while and my computer is really taxed, but yesterday I was playing a fresh new small map (which I usually never do) and it happened.  I can’t stop the scrolling and must exit the game.  I play full screen and I’m on Windows 10.  This has never happened with any other game.



    Are you using a wireless mouse?

    Sometimes when I take my hand off the mouse, the camera takes off across the map.
    Haven’t yet exactly worked out why it happens.


    No, but that’s what happens.  Can you regain control?  I lose control of everything at that point and can’t play any longer.


    I did eventually manage to regain control by placing the mouse on another surface.

    I was using an optical wireless mouse on an old desk with a semi gloss finish.

    I guessed that might be the problem, so I started using it on a piece of flat paper with some printing on it.

    Since then the problem has stopped.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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