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    Hello Friends!

    I’m trying to convert a model with TFMV 0.2.2 but it gives me an error every time.

    I”m using LightWave 11.5 and this is the error:

    Console output:

    1. Loading test.lwo model…
    2. [Assimp] Info, T8176: Load test.lwo
    3. [Assimp] Info, T8176: Found a matching importer for this file format
    4. [Assimp] Info, T8176: Import root directory is ‘.\’
    5. [Assimp] Info, T8176: LWO file format: LWO2 (>= LightWave 6)
    6. [Assimp] Warn, T8176: LWO2: Skipping unknown VMAP/VMAD channel ‘APS.Level’
    7. [Assimp] Info, T8176: Entering post processing pipeline
    8. [Assimp] Info, T8176: OptimizeGraphProcess finished; Input nodes: 2, Output nodes: 1
    9. [Assimp] Info, T8176: TriangulateProcess finished. All polygons have been triangulated.
    10. [Assimp] Error, T8176: Failed to compute tangents; need UV data in channel0
    11. [Assimp] Info, T8176: Leaving post processing pipeline
    12. Model has 1 meshes
    13. Processing mesh “Layer_0” (1/1)…
    14. Packing blob…
    15. Not controlled exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
    16. in TFMC.Program.Main(String[] Args)

    Hope anyone knows what I’m doing wrong… :S ?(

    Anyway, is there any “example” train model in LightWave format o 3ds with boggies, animations,…?

    Thank you!



    >[Assimp] Error, T8176: Failed to compute tangents; need UV data in channel0

    Probably, your model haven’t texture coordinates. Try to map texture on it.


    Thanks Omich, I’ll try it.

    Currently my model is a simple box, just for try it out.

    Therefore, do you know where can I get a complete sample train model in LightWave to be used as a learning base?


    Olahaldor made video of train creation.

    For start, you just should convert each your train parts (housing, bogeys, wheel, animated elements such as doors) into separate .msh/.msh.blob pair. Than I propose to look at the standard transport configs.
    Each game configuration file is lua-script, that consist of one function “data”, that returns associative array of values.

    Main transport config is \res\models\model\vehicle\%transport_kind%\%transport_name%.mdl
    Mdl-file consists of some sections:

    • boundingInfo describes model bounding box, that used by game to detect collision and so on;
    • collider – not sure, what it does;
    • metadata – contains in-game vehicle parameters such as speed, power and so on;
    • lods – refers to some .grp/.msh files.

    Msh-files situated at \res\models\mesh\vehicle\%transport_kind%\%transport_name%\%mesh_name%.msh
    Each msh file have the same name .msh.blob binary file, that contains mesh data. Msh files contains some generated data, that says to game, how to read data from .msh.blob. Also you should specify materials property to valid .mtl file.

    Grp-files situated at \res\models\group\, they just groups some .grp/.msh files into one object, that can by referred in mdl file.

    Mtl-files is in \res\models\material\ directory. They describes material parameters. Each .mtl file refers to shader and some .tga texture files in \res\textures\.

    For start I suggest to duplicate .mdl file (and files, that refers to) of existing transport and than consistently change it’s values and models.

    I am sorry for my bad English.

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    • This reply was modified 9 years, 5 months ago by Omich.

    Cool! Another LW guy. 🙂

    I don’t recall exactly what error messages I had, but in the Surface settings for my model, I disabled “Exclude from VStack”, and set Vertex Normal Map to NONE (if there are any).


    Thank you all for your explanations. Sure I’ll use them. Good to know I can recycle actual bogeys from the game meanwile not modeling a specific ones.

    Finally got success in converting a simple “box” after mapping ALL surfaces, but when i visualize the “box” with TFMV only one surface is visualized. By the way I don’t worry about it at this time.

    One question, If i toggle subpatch in LW model, when converted with TFMC, the subpatch stills visualize in Train Fever?


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