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    But hey this game is a masterpiece of craftsmanship amirite?


    Just built a 74 million dollar tunnel. Sadly, I can’t twin it like I need to because #trainfeverlogic

    Not even a collisions warning this time. Just simply won’t do it. You know how you can start at one end, drag it out to the other end and it’ll pop up and twin, most of the time? Yeah.. this just doesn’t even pop up. It draws nothing. Because it’s so long, I can’t find the middle to delete it and try again. If only we had proper track planning tools..



    Next time, don’t build such a long tunnel. Make it shorter and more interesting, let the tracks craw through the mountains.

    If you select track building, you suppose to see the tracks glowing. Thus you can see where the tracks going.


    Just can’t stop apologizing for this game can you?

    “you’re playing it wrong”

    “don’t use the features in the game in a way that makes sense”

    It need to be like that in order to maintain speed, it need to loop underground quite wide or else I’d have a section of track at very low speed.

    Engine is broken, time to face facts.


    Yeah, tunneling sux in this game as well as other things. I’m guessing you generated a map with hills or you went with flat and still got hills. Another part of this wonderful game that’s not right.

    I don’t know if you seen me mention this before but someone on the German site posted about the height map this game uses when generating maps. Since the game is like it is, I try to get as little hills as I can and changing this one little file does the trick.

    If you change this file, res\textures\terrain\ridge.tga, to all black, you’ll have flatter maps so less need to build tunnels and long bridges. You have to use something other than paint if you want to do it or just download this one – Gebirgsfreie Landschaften


    I was fine making a tunnel. I like having them, the problem is that I couldn’t twin it, and there was no reason for it. Sometimes it’ll draw the tunnel but fail claiming a mysterious “collision” but this time it wouldn’t even draw it. Second problem is of course trying to delete a tunnel like that. You can’t click on the end, so you have to hunt and peck and try to find it.

    The problem is the way the engine handles making tunnel entrances, bridges, etc.

    very poorly.



    Oh, I know. I don’t even play it any more. I still have the very first game I started  and I just open that,  since it’s all default, from time to time to see the changes made or to check out a mod. Other than that, I haven’t played it since I made the post of losing interest. It’s no fun with all the problems.

    EDIT: I’ve been playing a game called Spintires for a couple days now. The way the suspension works is pretty damn cool.

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    Why would you build such a long tunnel in the first place?

    Are you unable to twin it from both sides?

    You can drag tunnels bit by bit, you know…


    Because of the locations of the two cities and the positions of the stations. It was the only way the auto complete could find a path to keep it at 300 speed the whole way. Any angle variation led it to lose speed.

    and no you can’t drag a tunnel bit by bit to twin it. You need to drag it entrance to entrance and from either end it would not draw, just left nothing but a circle and a white check mark.



    “Why would you build such a long tunnel in the first place?”

    i built one once to connect the two cities that were widest apart from each other on my (medium) map. Did this because i wanted to see my TGV max its speed out (it came close).

    Had the same issue as the thread creator, so it remained a single line. Was profitable, though.

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