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    Hello guys,

    I am back playing Train Fever after 3 months pause.

    I was hoping that they will fix the issue with cargo demand.  But as I see it it is still the same or I am dong something wrong.

    For example I started a medium map. I am trying to supply 3 cities with Wood goods and Iron+Coal goods.   First 4 years the Wood factory was producing like mad upgaded from 25 to 50.   The same was for Coal+Iron goods factory. And now after 5 years somehow it started dropping to 17 and still dropping.
    I am checking those three cities and I see that the demand is not fully met.

    What is the problem ?

    I remember from 3 months ago when I created an oil goods route the cities  wanted only oil goods no matter what I did.  So bcs of this I stoped playing Train Fever.

    I was hoping that now it is OK after thsoe patches but I see it is still the same.

    What do you suggest ?


    Hi Jozef,

    There is nothing like Oil Goods or Iron+Coal Goods. There is only one type of goods. Are you supplying the same city from two factories? If yes, I think the problem is, that the city takes goods from the factory that has a better (faster) transport route. The production of the factory will be booked by the city, as you can see in the details tab of the factory window, and you need to wait till the factory will build up the production to meet the demand. That takes a few years. Unfortunately, the time taken to transport something takes precedence over everything else, even above demand, so even if the factory will take 10 years to fill the demand of the city, it will still be favored instead of pulling goods from two factories.

    The best way to go, is to transport goods from one factory to maybe 4 cities, then next factory to next 4 cities. In time, the cities will grow along with the production of the factories and after some time, you will find that your factories are at the production cap 400 and the cities want more goods, that is the time to pull in next factories and transport goods from them to these cities.

    But you need to keep an eye on them, in my last game, I was supplying 9 cities from one factory and after some time, the demand on the factory was about 900, but it can produce only 400, so I had to pull in the next factory that is growing very slow.


    I would love to see different kinds of goods, where cities would need every type to grow in full speed. That would surely add to the realism and more complicated routes would be needed.

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