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    not sure anyone has noticed that yet, but I think this is a bit more serious :

    When there is good delivered into a deport, that already holds another type of good, the new one dissapears. This has a not so pretty impact on the business and demands..

    Example :

    A small Freight depot with 2 loading ramps. One unit of coal is lying there. Now there are 3 units of wood coming into the depot. Then they vanish. They are not only not being displayed, they are also not in the “waiting goods” window, and trucks do not pick it up also… It just vanished. Since both goods seem to be moving to the same ramp, maybe that’s the problem ? Shouldn’t the second good move to the second ramp ? If so, what happens to the 3rd good the AI delivers (or is it supposed to see when it’s full, and the problem is just that both goods go to ramp 1 ? )

    I always notice, that only the first good that makes it into the deport is being kept.

    Note : While I’m playing with the cargo mod, which has more goods than vanilla, I also noticed that with the unmodded game…

    I’m not so sure how the 4 ramp depots handles it… Since there is so often traffic jam, I avoid using them atm…

    Is this already registered as bug ?


    I kinda had the same problem in the beginning, I had a normal truck stop but attached 3-4 lines on it.

    Since there are only two platforms, one filled with wood, one with coal.  When either iron or goods came in they would just vanish.

    (my guess is that it is noticed by business A and B that there is a free ramp at the truck stop and they ship out their goods A+B, but by the time good A arrives at the truck stop it is already taken by goods B that is delivered there faster then goods A and goods A simply vanishes because there is no more room at the truck stop.)
    The game doesn’t count goods that are already on route i guess and don’t reserve a spot on the ramps maybe?

    I upgraded to a big truck stop myself with 4 platforms and all is working good now as far as i can tell.
    My advice, no more then 2 lines on a normal truck stop and no more then 4 on a large. If u need more stops just simply build a second truck stop next to the other one.


    Hope this helps.


    Well, honestly, I only use 1 Truckstop per Route, because the AI sometimes use them too and I like to have things “clean” 🙂

    And while your description sounds logic, in my case there was only 1 good in the depot… The second ramp was free, but the game always loaded the second good to ramp A, which is taken. So the cargo dissapears.. I should note, that this second good is something I did not plan on, it one of those “hitchacker” goods,where the AI is using the Depot to speed up it’s own traveltime.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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