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    Hello guys!

    Good news! Just came across this; A working Cargo Mod (made by Gwinda) which will extend the industry chains!! You can also use the mod manager made by Xanos which you can find at the same website:

    Mod Manager:



    All credits for making this ‘Cargo Mod’ goes to:
    Gwinda from http://www.train-fever.net


    This mod change the whole industry chain in such way that only one industry is producing goods, but to do so you must first connect 12 different type of industries and move around 11 types of goods.

    Dieser Mod verändert die komplette Industrie-Kette, so daß nur noch ein Betrieb Güter produziert, aber es müssen zunächst 12 verschiedene Industrien angebunden werden sowie 11 Arten von Industriegütern transportiert werden.

    Modified industries

    • Oil well, produces crude oil.
    • Oil refinery, produces oil from crude oil.
    • Saw mill, produces planks from wood.
    • Iron works, produces Iron pigs.

    New industries

    • Charcoal burner, converts wood to coal.
    • Cokery, purifies coal into high energy Coke fuel.
    • Steel mill, produces steel from iron pigs and coke fuel.
    • Plastic refinery, produce plastic from refined oil.
    • Households, needs planks, steel and plastic to produce goods.

    New cargo

    • Iron pig
    • Steel
    • Coke fuel
    • Planks
    • Crude oil
    • Plastic

    All vanilla trucks and waggons has been updated to accept the new goods types.
    Alle Original-LKWs und Waggons wurden verändert, um die neuen Güter zu akzeptieren.


    This package supports the mod manager.

    Dieser Mod unterstützt den Mod Manager.


    • Do a backup if you feel for it. You can always reset TF by “Verify integrity of game cache…” from the Steam client.
    • Drop the “res” folder in the zip archive into your TF root folder. Overwrite when prompted.
    • Erstellt ein Backup. Ihr könnt TF jederzeit das Spiel über “Spiel auf Fehler überprüfen” unter Eigenschaften >> lokale Dateien auf Steam zurücksetzen.
    • Kopiert den “res”-Ordner im ZIP-Archiv in das TF-Hauptverzeichnis. Vorhandene Dateien müssen überschrieben werden.

    Game play

    Because of the long industry chain you need to plan more carefully how you connect things. In order to get the industries to produce, they need a demand for respective goods.

    The best thing is to start from the top of the chain (Goods) and work your way down.
    Passenger traffic is a good source of income to cover up for the freight losses.

    This is an early version of it and I’m sure i will fine tune it and work a bit more on textures and models.


    Version information

    newest version: 4215.1

    Status: Stable

    Remove the modified forest industry. The Vanilla version in Build 4215 have the same features now.




    All credits for making this ‘Cargo Mod’ goes to:
    Gwinda from http://www.train-fever.net



    Great news

    I’ll start playing with the un-modified version of the game,  but it is really nice to see what modders can already do …




    They just got the Cargo Mod in the download section online and offline again, maybe there’s something not working properly yet. I will re-post the link as soon as it’s back online again!


    We need an Iron Chef to butcher the Iron Pigs 🙂


    The Cargo Mod is back online again!


    Wow, that’s great! Even though I will start playing the vanilla version, it’s good to know that there is already a mod that extends the game significantly.


    What’s the deal with “Households, needs planks, steel and plastic to produce goods”?  Sounds like something factories would do… I presume “Households” is a bit of a mis-translation?

    Lovely to see such a healthy mod community is already forming.  It seems you can always depend on train-enthusiasts to step up when it comes to game modding.  I guess they are the original-and-best kind of geek 🙂



    Households problably should  be called “Household products” I guess..


    Can’t wait  to play the game! I’ll download MOD’s soon after the game is available, because the game lacks a bit in having complicated transport networks in my opinion, since you have to compete against raw materials/cargo going by foot.


    Moved to ‘Modding’ section.


    Jonathan, when I click your links I just seem to be getting an error message and a load of ‘script’, how do I get to these downloads please dude?


    @Jon : the german train fewer site is down at the moment, that’s why the download isn’t working… Try again later, I hope it’s not down too long.

    Has anyone tried that mod with large maps ? I’m now in 1910 and making countless millions with intercity passenger transfer, but the economy isn’t starting at all…

    There are just  couple of factory that produce two pieces per months (mostly ressources), but the industry is to wide spread on the map, so i hardly can break the 20 minute limit anywhere… if this is really what the game calulates, because even when I have a few trucks running the line empty and wide spread, it’s not raising…

    I give it now a last try, and try to create large costly routes with trains, since you said we have to roll it up from behind, but even there the 20 minute limit might be a problem…

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    Thanks starman, I’ll check back later.


    Nice mod please make versions number on it think its better to see of new version is uploaded. or a number of upload datum example : 14.1.14 cargo14114.zip


    Does the mod work with new patches coming out and compatible with old saves? Or you need to start a new game each time a patch comes out?

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