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    Late game I’m having to depopulate cities to reduce the number of cars also, remove a few roads to make them disappear just long enough for trams and buses to get moving again.

    I’ve also noticed that, whilst trams and buses stop for pedestrians the cars just run them down! Bit like real life in some cities I suppose. Cars also seem to spawn in the middle of traffic streams, even at the entrance to bus and tram depots, this prevents vehicles entering or leaving for quite some time.

    I think cars should always spawn at the edge of cities and have to join the end of the queue and, please can they be kept out of the bus lanes?

    It would also be nice to remove a street or road without demolishing buildings, only demolish them when a wider road is being  installed.



    Same problem here. Late game is almost unplayable because off traffic jams.

    Mostly traffic jams are caused through bugged wayfinding.

    Here´s a sample.

    The only way to solve the problem,  at the moment, is to cut the roads between the cities.

    The RedKing

    One thing I found out is that most problems are caused by cars trying to turn. They can only do so at entrances of depots or train-stations (DEVs confirmed this somewhere in the forum).

    To help traffic, I usually build some extra road-depots scattered around the city. This seems to help a lot, although it’s merely a work-around rather then a solution.

    I often get a jam at the train stations as a lot of buses and tram’s pass there. If a car tries to turn at the train-station’s entrance and the lane it wants to return into is blocked by a stopping bus/tram, it blocks the traffic on the other lane as well (this in turn could prevent to stopping bus to leave, so the car cannot complete its turn….).

    To solve this, I noticed it helps if you don’t connect the train-station directly to a road, but place a small section of road between them. This way, the car can make a full turn in the “entrance and wait for the lane to free-up, without blocking the other lane.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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