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    Another immersion-breaking bug is the fact that cars don’t stop at train crossings when a train is approaching or passing through, they just pass through the train as if it weren’t there.


    I agree. Tram going thru train at crossing is absurd. And second problem is with crossings itself. Sometimes streetlamp or other object is placed in the middle of the track. There should be more types of crossings as well. For ex. signs only for dust roads, signs with lights for paved roads, gates without lights (vintage type), modern gates with lights, wig wags, gantry style lights and so on. I really miss those features. I know, it is detail only. But details makes the perfect game (Transport Tycoon, Open TTD and Locomotion). But Train Fever is a very good game. I really like it. Maybe some day we will have maglev, monorail or narrow gauge with rack rail in the game.


    We are aware of this from the beginning but had never the time to implement it, because there have always been some more important tasks.

    It will be done some time, but the next goal is to optimize the performance.


    Hello Mikael. I understand that. There are many things, that should be solved first. I would like to thank You for Your fast reply. Im surprised, because you really do care about players and game is getting better and better from update to update. Keep up the good work. I wish to Urban Games a big success with this amazing title, because you deserve it! Thank You.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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