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    Traian Trante

    I challenge any TF player to play a game in the following conditions:

    – Use the depots mod.

    – Use a large map.

    – The large depot can build locomotives and wagons. You may only have one such factory at any given time. You can raze it and move it to a different location once every 25 years. The depot must be built near a city.

    – The medium depots can only build wagons. You may have 2 of those on the map.

    – You can use the small depots to change the configuration of the trains, but not to buy or sell your trains. You will have to get extra wagons/locos to that depot using a service locomotive.

    – Don’t use trucks or buses or trams to make those huge profits. Only use them when absolutely necessary. City wide buses or trams are fine. Intercity buses or trams are not.

    – Industry should be used only when considered valid. If an industry is invalid, you should not use it.

    – Oil is considered valid when near dessert or swamp terrain. Oil is not valid when it is high in the mountains .

    – Coal and iron must be in the mountains.

    – Samwills must be near the river.

    – Forests must have an actual forest nearby to be valid.

    – Modify your railroad building costs in the costs.lua file to this:


    function data()

    return {

    — per m^3

    terrainRaise = 15.0,

    terrainLower = 15.0,


    railroadTrack = 200.0,– per m

    railroadHighSpeedTrack = 400.0,– per m

    railroadCatenary = 200.0,– per m

    railroadSwitch = 15000.0,– per instance

    railroadBridge = 50000.0,– per instance

    railroadBridgeVol = 50.0,– per m^3

    railroadTunnel = 50000.0,– per instance

    railroadTunnelLen = 5000.0,– per m


    — fraction of the road cost

    roadBusLane = .1,

    roadTramLane = .4,





    Let me know how it went ! I just played one such game and had incredible fun !!!! Micromanagement nightmare, but fun nonetheless.

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    I’ve been playing more or less like that all the time recently.

    Also modified my costs so that track was 1000, high speed 2500 and overhead wires 2000. Switches 250k, tunnels 2.5mil +250k per metre and bridges were a round million to begin with. Also changed all the station prices by adding at least 1 zero onto them. Depot was 1.5 mil to build.

    Lots of fun and made me really think how to build the lines and where. Much more focusing on planning and preparations.

    Traian Trante

    I think i’ll try upping the costs of developing railrod to what you suggested next …

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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