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    Hi All,


    Sorry for new topic, used search to find what I need but I could not find anything about this issue. If you have experiences please help me out with the followings:

    1. Are the passengers able to change from one line to an other line at a bus/tram stop on their own?

    2. If they are not, can they do that at only at a station?

    3. If they are unable to change neither at a stop nor a station, then a passenger who could have reach his destination faster with changing lines instead of walking, in this case this passenger will walk and will not use public transport?

    I want to achieve a line system where sub-lines gather the people to a central place and then they can reach every destination with the ‘direct’ connection towards that area. I’m even willing to destroy the middle of the town for this. So far what I have tried out, that does not want to work… can someone share his experiences with this, if there is any? Thanks very much.


    I think that passengers (and cargo), in order to reach their destinations, can use every mix of transports and walking that fits into the “20 minutes paradigm”.

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    Read over the online guide, found nothing about this :S (neither the opposite though)

    Logically this should be right, the passenger who is able to reach the destination faster with any means of transport rather than walking, should be able to change even 5 times if needed (or even walk from a bus stop to an other, non-groupped nearby bus stop) until we do not exceed the 20 minutes rule.

    However I do not see the exact evidence, since I cannot determine that when a bs stop gets waiting passengers, is that happen because of a change, or because of some nearby people arrived to the stop.


    I think its possible (havent really checked it tho), but ive had alot of stations with different lines coming through.

    Tho passengers will have waiting times of 2 lines added up to eachother. If you have a passenger that needs to ride with 2 train lines, and those lines are each 8 min frequency, i think theyre added up… This means long travel times.

    Im not sure tho, but this would seem logical.


    Yes it is possible, if you build up a public transport system in a sity, that leads to your train station, you can watch this.
    As passenger exit a train in the station, because they go to work in the city or something like that, they move to the station and wait for the next public transport vehicle.

    So if you want to make your plan work, you have to ensure, that the waiting times aren’t that long, otherwise it wont work.
    Or just build this central place right at the train station, that would save a public transport line imho 😀


    As Azrael says, definitely possible.

    I have bus lines that feed to train stations and seen people arrive on the bus then go wait at the station and people who arrive at the station go and wait at the bus stop.


    Thanks guys to everyone. Last night I had a deeper look, started a new game and used some logic and now it is working fine, passengers are definitely changing lines.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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