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    In targeting big maps and high number of population, C:S also had to pay its price, and that is progressively being discovered.  Some of these controversial issues are:

    1. Most important: if one cim isn’t able to reach his workplace, it happens nothing!  That’s is not fair for a simulation.  The cims have a job, they don’t get there, but they remain with that job and happy…
    2. I’ve noticed that if you try to build some industrial area far apart, no matter that you build some houses near them, it won’t make the citizens prefer nearer jobs…  There is no concept of locality…  I guess that you want to live near where you work, if possible.
    3. In order to avoid traffic jams, some vehicles just disappear (easy solution, but not fair)
    4. There are strange cycles (kind of alpha bugs): suddenly always the same building starts to being robbed once and again, or some other buildings, always the same ones, burn to ashes even when you place a fire station door to door.
    5. Some of the tabs of the information windows just disappear (for instance, in the education window, “high school” and “university”) at random, and reappears where the program sees fit.
    6. Some unforgivable details: how on earth can I delete a wrong metro line?  In buses, that is far from ideal: I have to look for a bus belonging to the line, click on it, then on its line, and a DELETE button appears, not very intuitive…  But you can’t click on metro trains because they are underground…
    7. Metro lines cannot go up and down nor link with train lines whatsoever.
    8. You can’t make tunnels or underpasses with roads!

    There are also some unforgivable simple things in TF: for example, a warning if you are trying to overwrite a game… and some serious lacks: overtaking a very prominent one, not only for road, but also for tracks…, timetables…

    The way everything can be modified and rebuilt is marvellous in C:S and a serious nightmare in TF (and because of this, a challenge some may say).  The dreaded “Vehicle in in the way” message… even for building signals!

    All in all, I don’t see TF such a bad game, nor I see C:S a an infinite source of honey and milk.  Let’s see what happens to C:S after the initial boom and if the game is able to keep the popularity in the long term.



    Pasi and simon,

    you two make me sick with your sheer attitude.

    You say, that the devs don’t support TF? wrong, look at the support forum, look at what they achieved in the last months since release.
    They helped me just yesterday with a graphical glitch that appears in TF with Radeons 7700 and 7800 HD’s and it will be fixed in the next patch.
    Half assed attempts of patches? Have you guys ever in your lives programmed a game all by yourself without bugs? Have you ever written a patch for a complex program like a computer game all by yourself? If not, stop talking like you were master developers.
    EA being good in PR? This is the last point where someone should recognize, that you can’t be taken seriously.
    Also EA is a huge developing studio and a huge publisher all by themselves, they don’t need another publisher by their side.

    And even if you were right with your harsh “criticism”, in plain english calling bad names, you have no right to be so rude, that just shows, how childish you two are and how little you know about the gaming industry and the process of making games at all.

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    WHY are you making this post active. Even if you are supporting train fever on this thread, your are making a thread active that is promoting another game from another developer.




    Isindro: Again, it’s not directly about the games themselves, how ever as an example for you, number 6 in your list. You are not supposed to click the vehicle on the line to delete it, but select the mass transit overlay and then click the line itself. It shows you the info about how many people use the line with delete button.

    Everything else you listed is pretty much modded already, disappearing cars are easy thing to keep game approachable for new gamers but a mod already turns that feature off.

    Azrael: Well, how long it took for you to get even a reply for your issue? I see quite a few bumps by you in that thread. Also above this we have a thread called suggestions/fixes. How many comments from the devs in that?

    Please don’t play that silly argument of have you done it by yourself… It just makes you look very childish.

    You also missed the point on EA completely. YOU said CO and Paradox can do good publicity because they have money where as UG has not. Simonmd said that’s not the reason, look EA. Lot of money, massive budgets and extremely shitty PR. So if you want to continue any argumentation, please go back and re read the messages either him or me wrote and try to understand what they say in the first place. Then we continue.

    Vinkandoi: it’s called open discussion. It doesn’t mean that we don’t support and like the game even if we are critizing it and the developers. Like said, i got 360 hours in it and all but 2 achievemnts done. Ironically one of them, museum line, is buggy and didn’t work out like it was described. Industrialist is just too boring to even try due to freight side of things being after thought in this game.

    If you go and look what “about” says here on the tab above, it makes it bit gringeworthy reading… Expertise in game design, game which has all these simple issues like non scrolling scroll bars, lack of information like gradients and speed limits… Very basic stuff. Even the crowd movement simulation is poor as there is none unless player makes connections between cities. And even then, there will never be traffic between the cities where player doesn’t offer services.



    LETS CREATE A THREAD CALLED “Train Fever- the good bad and ugly” and discuss all things there.

    It is like an off topic discussion.

    I posted an off topic discussion in regarding a mod and it was deleted in minutes




    And what would be the benefits of creating a new thread to discuss all things that are already discussed here ?


    WHY are you making this post active. Even if you are supporting train fever on this thread, your are making a thread active that is promoting another game from another developer.

    Are you aware that there is something called “internet”, where people can go and get informations about new games, even if they have never heard about Train Fever ?

    Do you really think that the few people connecting to this forum are not interested enough in video games to be aware that there is a new city-building game that has been released last week ?


    Hey guys

    Locomotion is available on steam and devs should take notice





    You are such a TF-fanboy, reminds me some iSheep…

    Anyway, TF is out for half a year. It is normal to have some bugs when released. The biggest pain in the ass – performance. It was “solved” by a big performance patch. Really? I am getting lags after 40-50 years ingame. I have i5 CPU, 1GB nVidia and 4GB RAM, thus almost twice better than minimal requirements. And they say that it is solved? I have never tried a large map, it is not worthy and I don’t want to play small maps, because it is boring. So the first mistake of UG was advertising the game with such requirements. They could set the minimal requirements to i7 3,5Ghz, 3GB GPU and 16 GB RAM (because that is something you need to run this game smoothly) and it would be my fault then. I understand that when having advertised it like this, 2/3 of people would not buy, so kinda deception, huh?

    Second mistake – support. The community have wanted some features implemented from the very beginning, e.g. x crossing, three-way junctions… Do we have this now? No, instead of this important thing we have fucking animated depot doors. Why is not possible to implement more junctions? It was possible in TTD, it was possible in Locomotion, it was possible in all the trains simulators, why not TF?

    Now you can tell me that it is not a bad game, it is my fault for playing it bad way… Fanboys



    I am a TF Fan man actually. 🙂

    I am Not saying that Train fever has no flaws. Infact I am waiting for the developers to fix basic issues like x crossings, three way junctions, replace now function, better track upgrade system and many things that has been discussed below.

    But the point is that, we just made a thread in the name of another game and gossiping about the game.

    We need a proper thread with a proper name with several posts and make the devs realize that they should concentrate on laying the foundation (fix the issues) first and then do the eyecandy stuffs





    It’s already there, just above this one as a sticky. Been for several months, and not a single comment from devs in it.


    Not a single comment from the devs, but part of the requests have been solved through patches. It’s not perfect, but better than nothing.


    @Pasi:  thanks.  It works!  Not very intuitive for me, though…

    You say that some, if not all, the points I’ve stated are solved by mods…  I guess that those mods are programmed by the community, not the developers, aren’t they?  And if so, what’s the merit of C:S’s developers over TF’s ones?  The former get their job done for free, don’t they?

    Incidentally, is there a mod for road tunnels?  Or for linking metro with trains?  If so, please tell where to find it…




    That they don’t post Answers in the sticky post doesn’t mean, that they don’t react to it, you see the answer and reaction in the patch notes.
    What do you like more? More Dev’s of UG answering more questions of the community but decreasing development speed OR like now, only Mikael answers from time to time and they can do their job?
    I think the latter is the best option.

    And to my graphical issue:
    If you read the post, you see, why it took so long, first they had to fix huge bugs like crashes, optimizing the performance and so on, the important issues, you need to set priorities in a process like game development to get somewhere.
    And, as they found out in the end, it is a very special issue only with Radeon HD 7700/7800 series, they had to dig deep to find this out.
    You can’t solve every problem in a matter of minutes, if you think it’s that easy, you’re naive.

    And yes, I play the, in your opinion silly, argument, that you have no idea what you’re talking about when you accuse UG of doing bad work despite you never have developed a game by yourself.
    It’s like I critize the NASA and their Space shuttles (“Your shuttles are shit, russian Sojus capsules are way better!”) even though I never built a space shuttle by myself.

    And I will keep bringing in this argument, that is not childish, that’s just the truth.
    Yes, EA has a shit reputation despite their huge budgets, but that just means, that they’re too stupid to use their PR Budget correctly.
    Paradox and CO are able enough to use their PR Budget efficiently. UG has nearly no PR Budget as a small game dev studio with a small and nearly unknown publisher on their side.
    So it is no wonder, that Paradox and CO could create a much bigger hype about C:S, but the image of C:S starts crackling alrdy.
    Stop desperately trying to bless C:S into the heavens and condemning TF into the hell, that is ridicolous and many of your points are just untrue. We can argue objectively or flame each other with calling bad names and lies, it’s up to you to decide.

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    You are completely missing the point : nobody is saying that CS is perfect and TF crappy as hell.

    It’s just that some features of CS are more user-friendly. So far, I’ve not seen any major game glitch in CS that becomes painfull over time. Meanwhile, there are many of them in TF, still not corrected 6 month after release (rail crossings, terrain alignment, 20mn rule, map editor, etc …) and without any feedback from devs.

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