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    Incidentally and odd enough, I’ve had no problems so far with Train Fever, but I’ve got some with Cities:Skylines.  One is what also happened with CiM2: if two ships go near each other they get interlocked when they arrive to a harbour.  The solution of the game is to vanish the first one when some time passes!

    The second is worse and has started to happen with the last patch: 1.0.7a.  Whenever I load a game, after a few seconds, the game crashes.  That patch was retired by the developers and reintroduced as 1.07c with all the problems solved… To no avail…  It still crashes to desktop.  Since I can’t go back to the game unpatched, I can’t play the game any longer, which is frustrating…

    In conclusion and in my personal experience, this topic is unfair.  But I guess that experiences may vary…



    I haven’t played to CS with the latest patch, but I confirm that the release of the patch 1.0.7a has been quite crappy. I haven’t teste 1.0.7c yet, so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to continue my existing cities or if I’ll have to start brand new maps.

    It seems that the crashes in CS are also linked to the various Mods installed by players, like it happened also on TF. The devs are suggesting to test the game first without any Mod on a new map, then trying to activate the Mods and start an old savegame. If the game crashes in the second case, the problem is certainly linked with one of the Mods.

    Patching a game while keeping user created Mods alive must not be an easy task for game developers.


    Collossal orders did the worst thing , they weren’t  much listening  the communities  wishes In comparing to  train fever they are at least listening us ,this is one huge advantage.  like cities in motion2 (could be the best with features of the first. Cim) is one example they  Just  released it without Almost any feature (what no mods?) from the first episode even  The playerS  Preferred them to have back in the game  but no ,they just ignored us, kept putting out stupid new vehicles dlc for 6 euros and than they just vanished the game and announced cities skyline. Cities S. Graphics comparing to train fever is garbage , there is just one thing to complain about TF. “performance “. For their first game it’s much more focused than any of  paradox city, transport simulator.  


    For your information : yesterday, Paradox and CO have announced having sold 1 million copies of CS.

    CS might have some small bugs, missing tunnels and imperfect graphics, but customers are purchasing it.

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