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    As cities grow, will it be possible to influence what building types / land-uses appear? For example, driving one city to have a retail focus and another to have a residential focus, or are the types of buildings / land-uses determined randomly by the AI?

    Also, I noticed in the gameplay video that within each city the neighbourhoods appear to be segregated into defined land-use areas i.e. residential, retail & industrial areas. Will cities only be able to grow in this way (being clearly segregated) or is it also possible to have mixed-use neighbourhoods?

    Axel Springer


    maybe this is helpfull:

    Can you make the cities so that there are mixed land use areas that are more realistic?

    Definitely, yes. The image in the update is just a schematic illustration.


     As opposed to the majority of other titles, buildings are not premodeled and instanced. In our game world, you will never see the same building twice. There is always something never-seen-before to explore!

    An advanced land use simulation decides whether to build residential, industrial or commercial buildings. For instance, residential areas don’t like industry air pollution, but they want to quickly reach lots of workplaces.


    Great to hear that!


    Hi Axel, that is great news. Are you saying that building textures/models are procedural generated? That would be wicked good 🙂


    Sounds like procedural generation indeed. If so, very exciting!

    Still, will we have the option to add custom procedural building blocks? Like, my own roof bits?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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