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    Updated for TFMM (Train Fever Mod Manager), read the install.

    Class 186 (Nederlandse Spoorwegen)

    Larger Picture (1920×1080)


    1. Download the .zip from MediaFire.
    2. Open TFMM (Train Fever Mod Manager).
    3. Select the .zip and install it.

    Let me know how it goes and what you all think.


    WOW SUPERRR !!! Bedankttt !! Ga zo door !




    Btw, how to use this? Do I need to replace all files manually? (after backup). Or is there some simple trick or program?


    ^ ??


    It´s a cool Train – Great Job !  But how can i install it ? I´m use the TTFM  http://www.train-fever.net/filebase/index.php/Entry/5-Train-Fever-Beta-Mod-Manager-BETA/ from trainfever.net.

    hoever, the structure of your “res” is not as the train – mod´s on trainfever.net. Can you fix it ? Thank´s



    Jij bent een baas, om dit model heb ik al op menig topic zitten zeiken, hijs echt spot on gewoon! You made my dream come true 😛

    Ga zo door, zijn er nog meer modellen onderweg?

    Misschien een Rail4Chem Vossloh G2000 of een Captrain Class 66? 😛 Echt super gedaan! Great job!


    Maybe you could make this as an extra model next too the ingame class 186, with the power upgrade 5700kW if I remember.

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    Maybe you could also repaint some carriages to NS livery, then it’s complete 😛


    To install it you just copy the res folder to your main Train Fever directory and it merges with the res folder there. I’ll have a look at making it work with the mod manager.


    Hey javanockzik,

    This way you can duplicate the original class 185 and let the original class 185 intact, hope you can do this too with the Nederlandse Spoorwegen Class 186.

    >The mod will replace the ingame textures, I haven’t figured out how to duplicate vehicles yet, to make them additional to the current ingame content.

    You can make duplicate of in-game vehicle following this steps:

    1. Duplicate vehicle tga texture under res\textures\models\vehicle;
    2. Duplicate vehicle mtl files under res\models\material\vehicle, change params.map_color_reflect.fileName to your tga texture file name;
    3. Duplicate vehicle msh files under res\models\mesh\vehicle, change subMeshes.materials to your mtl file name;
    4. Duplicate vehicle mdl file under res\models\model\vehicle, change appropriate lods.children.id to your msh file name;
    5. Duplicate vehicle tga icons under res\textures\ui\models\vehicle and res\textures\ui\models_small\vehicle (name must match with mdl).

    Than you can change duplicated icons, textures and configs (vehicle name, cost, etc) and it not affect original vehicle:

    (On this screenshot I’m forgot to duplicate icon)



    Could you also adjust the specs of the class 186 NS and the DB Class 186/186? This model is first built in 2006 instead of 2000 and has more power then the Class 185. The Class 186 (TRAXX F140 MS2) was first available in 2006, the dutch NS version was just delivered first in 2014 (a couple of weeks ago).


    Class 186 NS / NS E 186 (Bombardier TRAXX F140 MS2) specs:

    Topspeed            : 160 km/u (upgradable)

    Power                   : 5.600 kW (instead of 4200 kW)

    Tractive Effort : 300 kN      (instead of 280 kN)

    Weight:                : 85,0 ton   (instead of 84)

    Build year           : 2006         (NS livery first received in 2014 instead of 2000)

    Year available  : NS livery first received in 2014 (instead of 2000)

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