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    Is it possible to use two modes of transit to get raw materials or goods to their destinations? Can you use Trains to pickup raw materials and deliver them to a sort of “hub” then use trucks to cover the final leg from the hub to the factories?


    Would also be interested in the answer to this. Both times I tried I couldn’t get it working. Cargo transport is bugged in this game :(, or alternatively so picky and so badly explained that it confuses us 🙁


    Well no if I read your question right. There isn’t an “unload all” option. It’s pick up and drop off only. I use trucks to deliver goods and generally trains to bring raw mats to the goods hubs. I have three trains on a single 1 way line bringing 400 oil to a refinery producing 400 goods. I then have about 7 or 8 cities being served from that goods hub delivering the finished product into the city.

    You can’t for example deliver wood to a platform and have trucks bring it the rest of the way to a sawmill.

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    I had a train line picking up wood at a sawmill and deliver it to a factory.  The goods were then brought back to the sawmill station. The goods made own there way to a truck stop where they were trucked into town.


    It’s hit and miss, but largely miss. I tried to get intermodal transport working multiple times and failed each time. I have read that it sometimes works though, so YMMV. It doesn’t work reliably though, that much is certain.

    Traian Trante

    I can also confrm that there is a problem here.


    I load oil get it to a refinery, on the same train i come back with fuel and drop it at the oil well. A truck line waith there to get it to the nearby town, but  it doesnt work at all.

    On the other hand, if i do this: place the first freight station in the city, deliver oil to it, the train converts it into fuel and drops it back to the city it works.


    WHY i say this is a problem: the second line complex is inefficient. It’s longer than the first one, but it stil works.


    TLDR: complex lines: truck -> train works. train -> truck … not so much.


    I have a train line: coal mine – iron mine – steel mill. I placed a truck stop at coal mine and set up a couple trucks to nearby city. Attached a goods wagon to trains. As a result trains will bring back a few goods that will move from train station to truck stop they pick it up and deliver it to the city. So in this example it looks like it works.

    I think any combo like this should work on paper but depends if there is enough demand and if the complex route is still the best option, then it should work… save before, set up and test, trial and error I guess…


    Its possible. What is not possible is a truck to pick up materials that are sitting on a train station. Materials DONT move from train station to truck station.

    For example, a train deliver iron to a train station in the middle of nowhere, and a truck will pick up this iron to continue the journey. Not possible.

    What is possible?

    – Train deliver raw materials to factory. Trucks will pick up goods produced from this factory and deliver to city. POSSIBLE.

    – Train deliver raw materials to factory and also deliver goods to city. A truck will also get some of these goods to deliver to another city. POSSIBLE.

    – Train deliver iron ore to Steel Mill and truck deliver coal to Steel Mill. POSSIBLE.


    That is pretty intermodal to me.


    I load oil get it to a refinery, on the same train i come back with fuel and drop it at the oil well. A truck line waith there to get it to the nearby town, but  it doesnt work at all.

    This doesn’t work because trucks cannot get what you deliver in train stations.


    Got it. It would be nice to have some sort of Train-to-Truck transfer mechanism. I’ve certainly had plenty of factories way up in a mountain where is doesn’t make sense to build a train. Would be nice to deliver materials/goods via train to an intermediate location (like a warehouse) then have a truck take it from there. Maybe in the future or with a mod. Time will tell…


    I wanted to test a thing when i get back on the game: Trucks cannot get loads from train stations, but can’t you group a train station and a truck stop? Like a joint hub, like with passengers (who take a train from one to another city, then move around the city with buses)

    Or if you can’t, cannot you put a truck stop just a couple of spaces from a train stop, and let the AI do the handling between the station and the stop? Like a manual lay-over from the station to a truck stop across the street.

    Will try it, lets see what happens.


    @jfjohnny5: Yes, it would be very useful. I hope they add that.

    : I tested the group thing on beta. Didn’t work. I think the grouping is just for naming and easy identification for the player. Purely esthetic. Perhaps they changed, but nothing in the logs said that.




    Combined supply chains work, but are sometimes displayed incorrectly.

    In my current game, I have a fairly complex supply chain (err, “complex” for TF standards) to a steel mill, with trains and trucks in several stages:

    The blue line is a train serving coal to the transfer station (Church Stetton West, at the lake).

    The light green line is a train serving iron to the transfer station, and transporting goods back to the iron mine, where they are picked up by trucks and served to the city (Church Stetton, bottom right).

    The dark green line (bit hard to see) is a truck line from the transfer station up the hill to the steel mill (Oundle East station, top centre/left). The trucks clearly pick up coal from the transfer station and deliver goods back down.

    Everything works – trains deliver coal and iron, trucks haul them up the hill, pick up goods and drop them at the transfer station, from where the iron train, on its way back, transports them to the iron mine, where trucks pick them up and take them to their final destination. The lines make money (mostly…), iron, coal, and goods are produced, and transported. After setting up, it takes a few years until the game realises what’s going on, but then, it’s fine.

    There’s one bug in there, though:

    The iron supply chain is not displayed correctly. Iron waits at the mine, my train gets loaded with iron, and delivers it to the transfer station, where I get payed for it. At that point, however, the iron disappears.There is another iron mine somewhere left of the steel mill (not on screen), which automatically delivers iron to the steel mill.

    Now, either the steel mill gets all its iron from the automatic delivery, then why is “my” iron mine producing? And why do I get paid for delivering it to a station in the middle of nowhere?

    Or my iron eventually gets to the steel mill and is processed, then why don’t I see it delivered there, as I clearly do with the coal that is transported over the exact same two stages?

    That’s not an issue with combined lines, though:

    This is a pure truck chain, no trains involved.

    Iron is taken from the mine (upper left) to the coal mine (lower left/centre), while coal and iron are supposed to be delivered to the steel mill (right edge of the screen). While again, the chain as a whole works and every industry involved is producing, the iron disappears somehow at the transfer station (the coal mine). It never appears as waiting there (as it should), and the trucks never deliver it to the steel mill, which produces nonetheless, and I get payed for delivering iron to the transfer station.

    The steel mill is automatically served by another iron mine off screen, but the same two questions remain.

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    @Varana: Wow! It sure looks like you managed to pull off exactly what I’m talking about. Not sure why I’m having such a hard time getting it working. Back to the drawing board. But seeing it work is very heartening!



    Did you group the train station and the truck stops? Or isn’t that necessary?


    douglas, 1 post before yours I just said it does work… at least in 1 proven example… 🙂

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