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    Tsaar Martijn

    Is it possible to build a main freightstation, where horse-wagons od trucks deliver there freight for further transport by train? It was possible in OpenTTD to gain a higher degree of load on your trains.


    If I understand you, I think that this is done automatically.  Just place a road station near a train one (you can even group the two with the same name).  Whenever you deliver goods to the road station, if that is time-saving for the goods and there is a demand on the other side of the train line, the goods will board your trains automatically.



    This works automatically if you drop off the goods near the station (you don’t have to group them), but the route has to be viable, and the total travel time for goods should not exceed 20 minutes.


    Yes, but you have to build strategically.  Since you don’t choose where goods are shipped, you need to build your transfer hub in an attractive centralized place using the hub/spoke system.  The factories will use your transfer station if is saves them money.  They will spend the least time+money as possible to get the goods to the destination.

    There’s no guarantee the factories will use your station, if they have a better solution they will use that first.  You have to make you central freight transfer very accessible

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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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