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    Hello, I was thinking of a contest/challenge and I thought id share it with you. Feel free to post your results as a reply and i might edit the OP and add a top 3 list. How early can you build a Railway and train route that is profitable using these specific rules listed below.

    Game Settings:

    • World size: Medium
    • Terrain Type: Hilly
    • Difficulty: Hard
    • Start Year: 1850
    • Seed: Randomize
    • Vehicles: American ONLY

    Spesial Rules for this challenge: (note that you must force yourself to follow these, roleplay)

    • -Do not borrow any money from the bank ever.
    • -You cannot build any rail, station or trains if you currently have any loan in the bank.(repay the starting loan first)
    • -You cannot pause the time to build anything. Time has to be moving while you play. (you can pause if you go afk)
    • -All of your train lines has to be profitable (making money, staying in the green) before you have reached your goal.

    How Early (ingame year/date) can you build a railroad using these rules? Lets make it a competition?!


    Hmm, a nice scenario but why no pause and how do you expect people to keep to this?


    The Reason for no pause is cause it takes time to build things and the faster you get there is better, so to keep it fair and let the one who build faster get a edge =P

    Its not a serious competition with prices or anything so i cant see why someone would “cheat”.


    Apparently, we’re all ‘cheaters’, that’s why Urban Games gave us the ‘main connection’ feature! :p


    Yes we are. And not the gamers who would like their streets straight without kinks and bends slowing the traffic down…


    omg this is hard, I tested playing under these conditions last night after posting this. I had about 150 horse wagons and payed back my loan by 1856. I had trouble finding 2 towns that was easy/cheap to connect by train.  the only 2 that was easy to connect was under 100 in population. I will play more and see how it goes later this evening hopefully.

    How has the challenge been for you? have anyone tried yet?


    Sounds fun. Will give it a shot when I get home.


    I got the train line buildt under the conditions i stated and got it in the green on Jan 5, 1866. I know i did it fair and square even if these few images isnt exactly a video from start to finish to prove it, anyways i hope someone tries to beat me and succeed! gl & hf

    The 2 Cities that I connected by train was the only 2 with a bus system:

    Here Are all my lines, The Bus lines struggle to break even as usual while the goods lines bring in around 600k a year profit total. I had 58 Horse Wagons, 10 Stage Carts and one 4-4-0 The General w/4 Passenger Carts in the end total.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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