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    Afternoon guys, I’ve just started playing this game as I was a big fan of TT and also Industry Giant, but I am finding this very confusing.


    Ive started a new map Small, flat, easy, and have got a bus service running in two towns and a rail link with one train between these two towns, so far so good, Im trying to expand to strart a goods service now but everytime I try to extend the road system to the coal mine, forest, wood yard etc. etc. it keeps saying “Null Segment” and “Not enough space” but I have a whole map in front of me then it tells me to build an intersection???

    any ideas please, Im getting very frustrated now!!

    thanks in advance for any help and advice



    The “not enough space” error is usually caused at the start of where you’re building a road or where you are joining it to another.

    I’ve noticed that map-generated roads are built in segments (hover the bulldozer over it to see) and if you try to make an intersection too close to where two segments join, it’ll give a ‘not enough space’ error. (similar errors if you try to make a railway crossing over or too close to a segment join in a road)…

    It’s one of the quirks in this game which adds a lot of trial and error to road and railway building…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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