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    Yesterday my game suddenly crashed. When I try to load the game again, it crashes on loading. I tried different autosave games but they all crash. I have to use task manager to force closing the game because it is stuck every time I try to load.

    Anybody has an idea what the problem is?

    I really enjoy the game, keeping in mind that it needs some performance updates.


    That could be a corrupt file causing that problem.

    Assuming your using Steam here. Open Steam and go to your library. Right click on Train Fever and select “properties.” Select the tab titled “Local Files” and then click on the lowest option “Verify Integrity of Game Cache.”

    That will compare your local files with the manifest to make sure your local files are exactly as they should be. If something is corrupt it will replace that file with the correct one from the server.

    This works with all Steam games by the way.


    thanks for the reply!

    I did the steps you told to verify the integrity, but still exacly the same problem occurs. I can generate a new map en this will start but none of my saved games will load. It is really stuck when I try to load. It is not a big issue to start over again but if the same problem occurs in the future it will really ruin the game.


    In advance I will post my systems spec’s.


    Windows 7 ultimate 64bit

    AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor, 3300 MHz

    AMD Radeon R9 290x

    8GB RAM


    Still I did not find an answer. Is there someone who knows more?


    I’ve had this exact same thing occur on Mac and would like to know if there’s a solution or a fix coming for this.

    OS X 10.9.4

    2.2 GHz Intel Core i7

    4GB Ram
    AMD Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB


    Could both of you please post your steam display names?

    And on what date you have tried to load the savegame, so we can have a look at your crash dumbs.


    Good morning Mikael

    The date when my game crashed en I try to load a saved game was last sunday 14-9. I also tried to load the saved games in the days following.

    My steam name is di_lonzano. I hope you will find a sollution or a fix.

    Big thanks in advance.


    Ok, we’ve seen the problem. Could you somehow also upload the savegame to any filehosting site and post a link.

    This would help us a lot.


    This is the link where I put the last saved file

    Hope this will help



    ich habe dasselbe Problem: Beim Laden meines letzten Savegames und Autosaves hängt sich das Programm auf. Ältere Savegames lassen sich wunderbar laden.

    Das Problem tritt auch nach dem Update von heute auf. Mein Steam-Account ist “buntbahner”.

    Ich bitte um Hilfe und stelle gerne den Savegame auf Wunsch zur Verfügung.

    Viele Grüße


    I am having a similar issue. Whenever I attempt to load a saved game, the game crashes.

    I’ve had the game for a day and have really loved it so far. Would love to know how to resolve this!


    MacBook Pro

    OS X 10.9.5

    2.4Ghz Intel core i5

    Intel Iris 1536 MB


    Could both of you also upload the savegame to a filehoster and provide the link in here.

    And @fido i can’t find your steam profile:

    Can you tell me your steam display name, try to search yourself on the page above.


    my game also keeps crashing when i try to load my savegame (autosave)

    also sometimes when i start a new game the loadingscreen goes to 100% and then i am thrown back to the start game menu.

    My Steamaccount is:

    where should  i upload the savegame?


    Upload the savegame to any file hoster like: google-drive, skydrive, dropbox and then provide the link in here.

    You do have the same problem like those in that thread:

    We’re looking into this as soon as we get a working savegame with no mods installed.


    Hi Mikael,

    Find the file here:


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