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    How do you set the cost to remove an asset?

    I see how to set the cost to build in the model/asset/xxx.mdl file:

    cost = {

    price = 1000,


    But after looking at dozens of mods I can not see how to set the cost to remove that same asset,  and is it posable to have this amount depreciate, example,  if you remove an item 1 year after you install it, it’s $10.00 to remove,  5 years after it’s installed it’s only $5.00 to remove.

    Or is this not posable and the demolition cost is handled by the main program and can not be set in the mod package?


    I think demolition cost is hard-coded, a percentage of the building’s value.


    I think your right in that its hard coded, but now sure its a percentage of build cost.

    Playing with some mods I have one mod that places cargo items around, boxes, pallets, that sort of stuff,  the cost to build is 0,  but when you go to remove them it cost $10.00

    Maybe a minimum demolition cost?

    Not a huge deal,  but I’ll keep looking.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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