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    OK after reaching year 2100 i wanted to bring up some things;

    For 1. TGV train’s require too much time to speed up so getting those are just pointless as what is the point of paying 60% more per year for a train that can’t even reach it’s limit in terms of speed. (i’m using the dualstox instead which costs 1.5m a year

    And for the second. Why do the trains have to slow down so early on even thought it can stop way faster when i press the stop running button? Because of that trains looses alot of their potential in terms of how fast they can go on average.




    Because this stopping procedure is an emergency stop, in RL Trains don’t stop all the time via Emergency stop, because they can. Or do you want to fly through the whole wagon every time a train reaches a station?

    Highspeedtrains should be on a seperate, direct and long highspeed route between two or three cities, in order to reach it’s maximum speed.

    If you let it drive in the normal tracks and let it stop at every city like your normal commuter trains, it’s no wonder that it can’t reach it’s maximum potential.


    @Azrael I suppose you may be very right at this moment as i did not think about it as an emergency breaking mechanisme XD Thanks for the info atleast.

    Well i did my tests on a straight line that was almost perfectly flat 😉 So nothing was in it’s way basically.


    I like the way high speed trains work. They are not meant to be used for short range city connections, but for connecting larger distances. I really like how trains in this game accelerate and move more realistically, please don’t change that. But I do hope that soon we be getting a wider amount of available trains so that we have real alternatives and not just one or two possible ones for one job.


    Do we get the train from japan later on I don’t know the name I know nothing about them, looks like a duck and goes really fast


    The train speeds, while realistic, are ultimately a hindrance. In order to properly achieve maximum speeds,  you’d have to pretty much run a straight track through the length of a medium map. The distance involved would require a high frequency, otherwise the line would see little use. Basically, running high speed trains (specifically the TGV) means having to run them at a loss as vanity projects subsidized by other modes of transport. Is this realistic? Probably, but it’s not fun.


    @mackintosh Yea and that is why i’m suggesting this because well then TGV’s was kind of a waste of time to create even thought they do look nice it would have been better if that time was allocated to something more useful like a more newer tram version.

    But i do see they have commented(made a code line being skipped) out in the .lua files for some vehicles the date they will expire, So there will probably soon come more vehicles for the later years

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