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    Traian Trante

    I noticed something: if i have a line with 1 train that has an interval of over 20 minutes (say 22 mins) the line (obviously) doesn’t work. If i add another train on that line and sync it with the other, the interval should drop to around 11 minutes.


    In the past, this used to work, the line would pick up and i would have a working line. Lately, not so much. It seems that a single train on that line must respect the 20 minute rule in order for tha industry to start working.


    Anybody else noticed that ?


    It’s not 20 min interval, it’s 20 min TOT Journey time. Therefore, if you had a train every 5 mins but the time taken from the agent’s start to their destination is more than 20 mins, it won’t run.


    Typically if you have rail service that has an 8 min interval with 2 trains, that means the trip takes apx 8 minutes in addition to the possible 8 minute wait, giving you an average of 12 minutes from station to station.  Factor in time for product to travel to and from station and you can easily exceed the 20 min rule.

    Until you have massive production from a mill, make smaller cheaper trains 1-2 cars and shorter distances.  Use trucks to help offset the time it takes from the Mill to the platform if there’s any distance.  even 1 lone truck can reduce travel time significantly, plus u make profit from the truck and train now.


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    I saw something completely opposite:

    I connected an industry with a town , made a line, and put one train on first to check the interval, which stated 18 Minutes. As i was already expecting something like this, i already had the infrastucture in place for a second train, but didn’t have enough money at the time, so i had to wait a couple of minutes for more.

    But to my surprise, the factory changed Line Usage to YES, and started producing Goods and shipped them to the city. But not the whole possible amount, but roughly half of the demand of the city. As soon as i added a second train, all of the city demand was transported.

    This is either a bug in the way the system works, like the transport by foot takes more then 2 minutes for roughly half of the buildings, or they incorporated something like an average waiting time, and ship goods accordingly. In my case, min waiting time = 0 , 8 minutes train transfer and something like 2 minutes total for factory to train station and train station to buildings. With this, i have 10 minutes total transfer time for the best possible case, and 28 minutes for the worst case, so the average of 19 minutes being close to the 20 minutes rule. But this is just guesswork here. It could very well be a bug.

    I’ve never seen this before, probably because i never gave the single train a shot earlier, but if my memories correct, i saw goods or passengers beeing transported i cases where the travel time might has exceeded 20 minutes, especially concerning the travel time caused by trams and busses. But again, probably i calculated something wrong or assumed too large transit times for trams and for people on foot.

    Anybody seen someting similar before?

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