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    great game, I’m looking forward to every further development.

    My problem, as you can see on the picture, I’ two lines using one street. A fast passenger line (kinda blue) and a slow cargo line (grey). I’ve already build the biggest road. In the east-western direction the different lines use  different lanes. This is ok, I can deal with it since the vehicles cannot overtake. But in the opposite direction the lines don’t use different lanes and the vehicles don’t overtake. So the slower cargo vehicles slow down the faster passenger vehicles which decreases the income.

    Will there be waypoints for streets? Or is there another way to fix it? To set up the lines, I didn’t find out yet.

    Of course, I know this is primary a train game, but I should work in every thing what is offered.

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    I think you can solve that with upgrading the crossroad section, if the small “freigth road” is upgrated I think you won’t have that problem any more. It work for me in a older game.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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