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    Hello community,

    does anyone know does this game have the ending/target on which your game-play is finished?

    I have reached Y’2150 and it is still ongoing. I would like my game-play to have some story ending so I could start another map/company/difficulty level. I assume in OpenTTD it was Y2100 once you reach it the game could be ended.

    Thanks anyone for your comments here.


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    Hi Gass,

    I’m new in the forums but I may help you a little.

    This game have no “story” as you tell. so there is not a true “End of Game”. While advancing in the years you unlock checkpoints like start in 1950 or 2000.

    This game have “time” because wants the player feel the evolution of trains. This way it’s not an plain simulator like other one whick plays a certain type of trains. In games like SimCity you also haven’t that “End of Game” and you don’t even realize it.

    To sum up, the “End of Game” is decided by you or, in my case, my PC. I can’t go any further than 2100 since my PC can’t affort it and just crashes 🙁

    Hope it helps,



    Simple answer, ‘no’. There is no set ‘goal’ so the game can run as long as you or your system can stand it. The only thing that will end are the stock updates, no new vehicles being available after the early 2000’s.


    Its 2337 in my game and my biggest city is 4367 population. And there is no end because you could set your own goals, like reach 5k population or improve your train/buses lines to increase transport usage.

    The only annoying thing is the lags each month. And I think these lags are even worse after last update.


    Traian Trante

    One of the “ends” of the game is around 2080. Even if you mod in vehicles with a release date of over 2080, they will not show up in the depot 😀 😛


    I have a nice end for you. 2040. Oil prices are so high that we begin to see electricity shortage in some places. Economies are falling down. Riots and Civil war are more common than ever.

    2045. Transportation is history. Some cars are still running on electricity but these are the last ones. There is no more petrol to build cars, tires, plastics, …


    Makes us an AAR, so you can have some story and an ending 🙂
    You seem to be good at that Xcenty 🙂

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