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    I have an HDMI monitor hooked up to my mac and every time I run Train Fever the other monitor goes black.

    Anyone know a way to fix this? Is it just my computer or is it Train Fever?


    No problem with 3 HDMI monitors hooked up to my R9-290oc in Windows 7

    I would love the game to use more then one monitor, at lest for the popup windows

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    I have to agree that a second monitor support for the popup windows would be great to have.  In War Thunder, the game has it’s main screen your playing area and then with a browser on your second screen, you can see the map and other stats.  So that is one way Train Fever could be setup.


    You can simulate dual screen mode manually.  Takes a bit of repeated “housekeeping”, but it works.

    Rather than picking a resolution on the opening SETUP screen, instead pick WINDOWED (or just hit ALT-ENTER while the game is running).  Now drag the window’s borders so it spans both screens.  Then inside the window, drag the map to one screen.  Whenever a pop-up comes up, drag it to the other screen.  You can have all kinds of train “helicopter tracking” going on screen 2 and still see the map unblocked on screen 1.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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